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Cloud Nine Revolutionary Group — Lyrics

Digestion Machine (Purple Stool Sample)

Poop in my system like usual
Cope with the pain like it's menstrual

Purple ass shit and it going too hard
Filling it fast, coming out like a fart
Ministry of Health, they be fucked up, they a cappa
Energy build inside of me, I'm boutta take a caca

Poop in my system like usual
Cope with the pain like it's menstrual
[Repeat 1 time]


Cloud Nine, Cloud Nine
This that swashbuckling shit, 2020
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of frickin' rum! (What?)

Feeling like a pirate
I steal it and I hide it
Hoard it, not 'cause I can't afford it
The way my sword hit
Got you on the floor chopped up in bits

Pirate of the streets
In your girl's sheets
She texts with me the deets
Like I ever learned to read

Imma plunder like phonics
Smoking on that chronic
Sativa supersonic

Getting revelations sent into exile
Paranoid, late night, watching X-Files
In my isolation pod
Conspiracies like gay frogs
This that Albuquerque hot dog-eat-dog world

Sly Cooper versus Clockwerk
Fuck your homework
Fuck the store clerk
That bitch a mumbler

Transmitting you my dreams
Through epileptic speech on caffeine
I sail the seas of debris in the breeze

Feeling like a pirate
I steal it and I hide it
Hoard it, not 'cause I can't afford it
The way my sword hit
Got you on the floor chopped up in bits
Feeling like a pirate
I steal it and I hide it
Hoard it, not 'cause I can't afford it
The way my sword hit
Got you on the floor chopped up in b—

The Morning After

White room, white light in my head
The morning after, you came out of the shower in a towel
Acting high and mighty, I had cereal and coffee
You seemed like you liked me, then again, you were scowling
The trees are blooming in the springtime
Time for a fling outside in the sunshine
Let's go to the forest at the outskirts
Even as invading forces make us want to resign

In your bed
Face to face in the blue room,
In the dark blue
White room
Under fluorescent lights,
Fixed, standing motionless
People came in, so I sat down at a screen
I found your secret blog
And it kind of embarrassed me, and it kinda excited me
I'd never seen someone convey themselves so openly
I don't wanna come down, I wanna move forward,
But I always come down, yeah, I always come down

Rollerblading, rollerskating
With parading rainbowpunk Nazis
We were just pretending
We drifted apart under the Dutch house to the bar,
Met up with my new friends
Down the toy loop slide to the screening
Yeah, I cried in their lap
The morning after, I reconciled with my mother for three hours
Out the window, energy flowing from the trees vibrant green
Yeah, I came back to do the work
On your first date at the amusement park
Don't forget, all shall fall

A glimpse into a different reality
And I don't have to go to school anymore
I moved my drapes aside and thought for a while under the light
Let's consider possibilities and come to a new consensus
Spring cleaning childhood toys
Lately, I feel like my dreams are reality, but it's scary
What are they planning? What am I doing?
The monolith is spreading

HP Manipulon

Young Hajj in the flesh, what's good now?
They rushin' for my neck like my name is Rasputin
I always get my way no matter who refutin'
Call me Vladimir 'cause they not disputin'
I'm the teacher now, but I was a bad student

Vous pensez en CC, moi, je rap en HP
Comme ceux au CDR, vous restez bouche bée

Gonna murder your ass like I'm Ted Bundy
Then steal your pants, including ya undies
Your bitch open like a Quickie (like a Quickie)
I'll have to walk in and get me a squishy (a squishy)
And I ain't about your weed, man
Weird ass shit, ain't that real, man
Ain't you working for Weedman?
I just planted my seeds in ya garden and I'm growing all these trees, man

Ready to Go

How do I feel? What's the big deal?
Panorama complications evergenerating
"Psychedelic multipath blindness"
Like when I was high in the forest with Jackson
I'm facing invaders with new perspective
I know I can be too protective
But I think I found the enemy
I feel the energy starting to return to me

Phone's off when the shorties hit me up
Can't take what they throwin' at me, so I get home, the zone, hit the homies, see whats up
Go missin' like in Bermuda, when the shootas and the lootas come out hittin' glass like Kobe
Slowly, oh please, people think they know me, am I scared or am I careful?
If you my friend and you hit me up, I'm there, so don't worry, I'm in no hurry
I had this orange Gatorade, super cold, and I was like, "Oh damn!"
Then swayed, accelerated on the court and landed the slam
What can I say? That's the summer hoop life, that's my jam

The clouds are so big
My dreams were so vivid
My stomach slowly twisted
That's not the way I wanna live
Symbols shining brightly, my computer screen's so bright
The trees are blooming, I feel the energy in the air
See the signs, they point in my direction
I'm ready to go

I'm ready, ready to go, r— r— r— r— ready to go [x3]
I'm ready, ready to go, r— r— ready to go

Toy Slide

Toy slide to the screening
Feel like a Bionicle at a Denny's table
Waterslide to the other side of the riptide
With protection, CyberHajj by my side

I saw their rocket launch on the news
It crashed below the clouds
I guess it was defective
Might I suggest a blue pill

He did salvia and fused with the lighter
What a danger, never felt stranger

We must be careful, and build up nice things
Put an end to needless suffering, and sing

Running in a field
With my friends from the feds
Doing frontflips in Matt's head

And Jackson was there too
Blessed children
Thank you

Circus Jester Freestyle

Real first take
Yeah, always run away from the boys in the blue
You know why? 'Cause they don't like you
They don't like it when I trip over my shoes
And that's why I had to split the other way
I had to go fast like Usain Bolt
To get away from the cops on my butt
Yeah, I don't care about your mutt
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, you look life stuff
Stuff, stuff, stuff
You look like stuff

In the circus with my jesters [x2]
Yeah, we look like clowns
Yeah, but we're jesters in secret
Yeah, you see me flying through those rings of fire [x2]
Yeah, I balance on the wire, on the wire
Shoot it, cruise it

Walking through the carnival, nuts in my nose
Walking through the carnival, nuttin' on these hoes
I'm a clown and I got a red nose
First ever brown clown, that I know
I run this carnival
I'm so cool, gonna nut on ya
I am that guy, I walk through this circus, and I do it on purpose
I'm the man, don't question me
This beat so cool, shoutout Jackson on the beat
Eh! (Eh!) Eh! (Eh!) Eh! (Eh!)
Shoutout Jackon on the beat, eh!

In the circus with my jesters [x4]

See something new every single day
On the ceiling of my elementary school library
Every single day I see a kaleidoscope of clowns
What you fucking looking at, bitch?
Imma fuckin' kill you
If I see you on the street, man, that's a value
I sell that shit to the organ donors
I sell that shit to the government
Jackson crucified on the black rocks
Cracked black rocks
I see it

In the future, in the future
In my circus with my jesters
In the future

Skull Activation

Lost in transition, caught between tough decisions

My spaceship's running on fumes again
Dark void in the light of moon again
Scrambling for cash, I'm doomed again
I wish I was alone in my room again
Ironing my long sleeves, flatten out the creases
Interviews coming up while writing my thesis
Finding scholarships in my mailbox
Don't give a shit, just want this shit to stop

Mural of cracked dark rock left in this house
Set it up against the window for the passing crowds
I can sense them about to start flocking in
In the land of rock and wind
Another workweek I'm clocking in

Another hole I'm falling in
Stifled creativity, cycled carcinogens in the blood stream
Everything's a curse, everything's the worst
Walking by the church, I wish I could go first
Heavy weight on my back, I wish I could go back
But you can never quarantine the past

Skull activation
Throughout the nation
[Repeat 3 times]

In a broken system, open wound left to fester
Manifesting spooks with their scepters
Impostors hide around us while they stay in plain sight
They turn into monsters, purge 'em while we can still fight
They'd rather go to war than see us soar
Extorting biopower, sorry, our bodies are not yours

Street preachers where there weren't any before
Saying to better our ways, it's the end of days
Recurring dreams of washing red floors at empty factories
Dishwashers gotta handle knives in dirty water
Son of the earth, traverse the desert sand
All it is is wire and dirt, I can feel it in my hands
Resilient shell like a tortoise
Living on the island, patience is golden

My backyard's like my fortress
Although it's not enormous, I can afford it
As I write these words on cheques from my dead-end job,
Devoid of worth, on the board of clerks
The circlejerkers, evil lurkers
We stand still as locus cloak us
Devour ya like hocus pocus

That's so last century, dorkus maximus
When this world seemed so promising
I envisioned it in the schoolyard, honestly
Who would've thought it would've come to this
Drinking Windex on the promenade in a darker age
Skulls on warning signs
Activate and burn down clock towers
Firemen stand blue because they can't stop it
All hope is gone
Living in the panopticon
For some imagined eschaton
We demand a new dawn

Don't you think it's sad?
White myst won't kill us yet
Lest we forget

Road Trip

Road trip
Mode switch
So swift
Tire on the road skid
Tired, started
Early in the morning
Stop at Tim Hortons
On the bean, start again
Mode switch
On the road swift
Quick with the stickshift
They think they know us, they don't know shit
And the birds notice
When I execute a sick drift

With my party, on a quest
No cell phone drama, I don't check my texts
Eyes on the horizon to see what's next
5G towers, white plastic futuristic
I don't like summer school because it's not cool
See the sights, big apple, looked like Cherry Peel
I'm very tired, but the scenery excites me
Out the wired, I like it because it reminds me

Electric circuits got me dancing like Aquaman
Channeling transmissions to my little fishies
Electric circuits got me dancing like Aquaman
Channeling transmissions to my little fishies
Boys crossing streams at the reststop bathroom
Crossing lanes in the car blasting loud tunes
Zellers shawarma, that's what I order, extra extra toum
Sipping a large black coffee, I go fast, zoom

Warning: high cube
Black boots in the summer
In a caffeine nightmare
Riding on the tracks evading trains
Helicopters hovering low over the grain mills
Commercial signs and oil rigs
Looking for anything of interest
Hear spirits in the darkness
Self-propagating dream-casters
Everybody's famous, connected
To know nothing but to survive
To evolve wings and fly

Speeding on the highway, cut the long ride short
Reaching Reilly, gonna play frisbee sport
Hot outside, sporting short jorts
Train my second main, Ganondorph
In the car, portable fort
Resting in the back seat, contort
I'm a hippie at the cat resort
Too many choices to decide at the foodcourt


Arousing breeze, cocktail of scents of plants newly fully bloomed through opened screened window, framed glass square suspended in high air
Take a dive into dense flora, crowns form a canopy above, supersede
Strange days bound to pass, why don't we try to make it last
Map of the town, I'll see you around
A coincidental meeting across marked destinations
At the campus, we'll burn it down with fire and swords and sound
Two rock 'n' roll kids, yeah, we're freaking out

After third year, I have no motivation
So I'm getting lost with my friends on vacation
Ran away from my designated station
Forgot what I was saying
Another dream, another dating sim
Can't win no matter how fast I click
Our conversations are still boring
I'm only excited by what I imagine could happen

Like Reilly outside the pillar up to his apartment he couldn't enter
Sleepover in the lobby with the rest
He dozed off on her shoulder
He shied away when he realized his mistake, but she wanted to play
So he stayed for the ride on the circle bench
Her friend thought he wouldn't understand if she spoke French
He asked, smiling, why she didn't like masculine men
And she smacked her hand against her bed in embarrassment

Like at the diner and outside the res building
Like drinking soda for Sunny
As if we were the chosen one
I'm sorry I haven't done much
And it looks like I already wanna give up
Dreading Father's Day on the solstice
Black spot on my back, a non-cancerous cyst
I better prepare a gift
Before I ask for another lift

Dancing on ice
It'll break underneath me if I'm not nice
Electronic music ultra precise


Anywhere but home is nowhere
At my computer with a cold stare
Nothing new under the sun, no fun
It's the new millennium

Out in the fields and forests
What was here before
From the point of view of others
And outlet mall blocks

Drive by Emerald Park Towers
The skyscraper complex
With the council at the top
Their black gate is locked

The roofer disruptors celebrated a job finished
By giving the house's college girls beer in the joint backyards
I was scared I got an allergy attack playing frisbee
Against the air on the drive there, I wondered

Is it empty?
Is it empty
Without me?
Is it empty?

Sunshine pancakes, golden
Something in the water, it tastes weird
Suburban clone houses
Cool young adults, yeah, we're drugged

The sunlight was blaring
Our day at the trailway
Through a low tree archway
And on a path atop a hill

A short rusty transmission tower
In an open pocket of a forest
Visit it daily like a site
So many scenes that repeat

It's empty
But not really
Without me
It's empty

This spring and summer quarantine,
I didn't do anything
Couldn't tour the university
Is this a comedy?
Nothing makes the same sense
Too much internet, disconnect
And the length...
Visited the reserve, got a bootleg Tamagotchi to take care of
I keep it around my neck
White bandanna to protect
The high castle operator
Ancient stars in their circuits
The fool on the hill
Is there still, I'm still here

The New Millennium Freestyle

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Yo, Jacob is a donkey, he shits his ass
I don't give a motherfuck if I failed a class
Yo, first thing's first, I step on the beat
And then I step on the street

And I step on the streets
And I got nice beats
I see a child, Imma beat him up 'cause he a pedophile
I don't mess with these kids, I run this hood
I'm so fly, man, I'm looking so good
I'm the brown Jay Z
I'm the brown Kanye West
I'm the brown Barack Obama
I'm the brown Kobe Bryant
I am brown (Yeah!)
Remember that stuff, I am brown

You know why I like ice tea?
'Cause it's always there for me
I like lemonade and ice tea
Respect the OG [x2]
Like the rapper, yo
I don't care if you look like Michael Jackson, yo

I sound like Drake right now
Yeah, we Egyptian here
I watched Yu-Gi-Oh! since I was three years old
I watched Yu-Gi-Oh! since I was three-year-old
Then I went to Digi-World, yeah, I saw it all
Yeah, digital, past, future, ancient, man
That's where I'm at
Every single day, on the fucking beat

Storm (Group Engagement)

See a storm approaching, forecast foreboding

Cloud Nine: who's to decide?
While confined, hitting a new stride

Hey, it's me, Reilly, dope runner, call me Johnny
Got vain glory, move on in my story, fuck SEELE, illuminati

Acting like I ran high school when I was SwaggyHajj
Had to go to college to discover who was really Matt
Funny, but the shorties don't answer, sometimes I just feel like Chandler
If it's a game, boy, I'll be the advancer

Making salad on stage like I'm Tom Green
Crossing the Québec border 'cause we're only eighteen
The scars are like memories I cherish deeply
I'll be on the team even going overseas

Je suis un goinfre, j'aime ça, le McDo
This shit is going slow, in the time vortex I go
Walking in circles everyday, with the teleporting chair
Ça coule comme de l'eau de source, I don't really care

Once the king of academia, a dedicated scholar
I now know it was only a phase to move on on my quest for knowledge
Still doing what I wanna at the military college lifting off a helicopter
At the clarinet recital, the crowd's astonished

Artist at a sports school ever since the start
The kids who got to know me know that I have heart
They became all my friends right here on this beat
School violated my youth, but I've yet to meet defeat

Awkward gamer boy doing his own thing
Tryna find the ways to become the king
Realized that number one ain't it at all
It's the kindness that I give giving me my hall

Moved a lot when little, unable of keeping bonds stable
Got to settle with some foreign faces at a caf table
From sushi stacks to yogurt attacks, grateful for the memories made
Despite the distance, I'm hopeful these friendships won't fade