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Members of Cloud Nine Revolutionary Group (Original Descriptions)

Jacob: founder and chronicler, trying his best to realize the moment. Songwriting is his primary vocation.

Jackson: kind-hearted boy of adventure and impulsive artist. He loves to scream and dance. Maybe the strangest friend, yet somehow seemingly one of the most well-adjusted to common reality. Friendship consolidated in ninth grade music class singing along to Across the Sea in one of the sound-proof rooms. Pursued for recruitment.

Matthew: sad boy on an eternal lovequest. When he's not crafting his hip-hop raps and beats, he can be found working to help his community. Friendship consolidated in ninth grade geography class where he'd routinely push my materials off my desk. Further consolidation in eleventh grade following his disbandment from the group of boyfriends one rank above in the social hierarchy and joining to our lower-tier group.

William: dedicated scholar and thought-organizer. Reliably willing to help his friends and converse profoundly. Interests include video games, anime about time travel, and Magic cards. Writes texts occasionally. Can seem detached. Although having attended the same elementary school, friendship consolidated over long discussions on the school bus in eleventh, mostly twelfth grade.

Reilly: runner and funny guy. He was once a pro competitive gamer, but has since moved on. Now enjoys outside activity, sport, and film. A champion of stoic irony. Friendship consolidated during the cracking of jokes in ninth grade English class. Further consolidation also following same group reassignment as Matthew.

Antoine: glasses-wearing arguer and goinfre. He refuses to be called a gamer. Friendship consolidated over shared enjoyment of video games and internet culture, in eighth grade, for when I'd been pressured to enlist to the so-called enrichment program.

Thomas: music producer and lifter. Technically proficient. Voted funniest person of our grade by the masses. First encountered dubiously drumming in music class during lunchtime. Friendship consolidated following formation of the extended groupchat.

Emmanuel: health nut, walker, and aspiring medical doctor. Sword-bearing old school gamer. Identifies with seals. A shy man, yet he'd readily embarrass me by acting out character animations in the halls. First friendship consolidated in the enrichment program, over shared interest of retro video games.

Nelson: training chemist and nice guy. He immigrated from Rwanda as a child and flourished academically. A family man. He fosters positive and productive energy wherever. Friendship consolidated through lighthearted conversation during eighth grade classes.