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Dream Archive — Antoine

Never Trust Your Mom (1 June 2020)
 I had a dream my mom was making my whole family join a religious group where no technology was allowed. We didn't want to but still joined her. I remember texting all my friends one last text letting them know I wouldn't be able to contact them from this point on. We arrived there and sat down in a school gym type of room with a speaker from the group at the front telling a speech. It became quite clear very fast that this was a straight up cult, and at this point my whole family including my mom decided we should leave.It then turns out the cult was trapping people that joined them to sacrifice to a god that looked like a black man with a cowboy hat. We were escorted with a group of other joiners to a cave within a mountain where the sacrifice would take place. We managed to narrowly escape but someone in the group died. It was a black boy and it was kinda a #blacklivesmatter moment

Unimportant Nuke (8 July 2020)
 I dreamed some time ago that a nuclear bomb was going to drop on our city, it was a scheduled thing. The government of the attacking country literally warned us they were going to bomb the city, but no one moved out. We just stayed put. I was chilling at Thomas' and just waiting for the bomb to drop. It never did.

Space Pool Party (13 July 2020)
 Had a dream that we had a huge party at my house with hundreds of people and it was very hard to manage and people didn't listen to my instructions or requests.
 Last thing that happened before I woke up was that we were going to the neighbour's house for their pool, but taking the side door route. But Em opened the garage to go in that way, but then we told her not to, so she closed the garage door and just stayed in the garage without moving.
 And also for a part of the dream the outside was outer space. Like we had to hold our breath to walk outside cause there was no air. Seems my brain abandoned that plot thread later though.

The Cereal That Got Away (21 July 2020)
 I just remembered I actually had a dream that mom bought good cereal in the groceries and when I woke up I wasn't sure if it was a dream so I actually looked for the cereal box, it was not there. It was part of a bigger dream but that's all I remember because I acted on it in real life. It was "just right" cereal, which is what made it realistic cause my mom sometimes buys that one. I was actually disappointed when I realized there was no cereal, I wanted to eat some for breakfast.

Jason, Demons, and the Antichrist (29 November 2020)
 Here's my dream from last week: First thing I remember is looking in town for a restaurant to eat at with Thomas I think. The restaurant is a big buffet type place, but I think I ended up eating alone. As I'm finishing I realize I can't afford any of this because I have no money left, so as a crowd of people are leaving the restaurant I sneak out without paying while avoiding the waitress' eyeline. I make my way to a kinda futuristic looking university campus with glass buildings and such. But, on the inside it was identical to my old school, but with bigger staircases. I'm talking with Julie when Claire approaches us and explains how she's pregnant and then she needs to go to the hospital to give birth. She asks me if I want to come to the hospital with her but I decline and say I need to study for a test. At this point the dream takes a turn and I don't remember the exact order of the remaining events. We are now in the POV of Jason from the Friday the 13th movies, the killer with the machete, except now he has a big trench coat. I don't remember what he was doing exactly at this point but I think he was killing people. Then back to my POV I'm in a car with Matthieu and Claire, while Matthieu's mom is driving us. Turns out Matthieu is the father of Claire's baby. I ask how the delivery went and they say there were some complications as Claire "lost a lot of sugar" in the process. She then also tells me she was mad I didn't come to the hospital with me, cause I could have phoned her family and friends to tell them what was happening. As we're driving a guy on a bike falls in front of us maybe 30 meters away in the middle of the road, our car continues on and almost runs the bike over but at the last second we swerve and miss. But then another couple on bikes do the same exact thing in front of us again and this time we run over the bike even though we're going super slowly. Then Jason comes out of the car like he was with us all along and we switch back to his POV. Like literally what I saw was from his eyes. He is clearly very angry with the bikers and he chases them down with a huuuuuge machete. He follows them to their house and absolutely murders them brutally. Jason has a kinda spider sidekick who murders their dog while he's murdering them. Jason then makes his way upstairs where a terrified child is in his bed muttering "il y a quelqu'un dans la maison..." over and over. Jason gets to the kid but then finds himself looking in the kid's mirror instead of killing the kid. In the mirror Jason sees his own face which looks like the Handsome Squidward face but the face is tiny compared to the head. He stares sadly for a few seconds in the mirror like he's disappointed in himself, while the kid makes a run for it. We then switch back to my POV where I'm trying to fall asleep and I look out my window to see big blue dragon looking creatures kinda running about. From now on the dream has a sort of apocalyptic vibe to it as creatures were rising from what I can presume was hell and killing people, the sky turns red for the rest of the dream. We then switch to the POV of a black family, a mom and two sons. I'm there and I'm watching the news where a bunch of hippie type people are all singing together in some sort of ritual type thing. Unfortunately for them they get swooped on by flying demons and get eaten and killed. Meanwhile in the family's house we hear a car pulling up in the driveway which is the father coming home. As he enters tho we can see his eyes are completely black and he is eating a human brain, he's been corrupted/possessed by the evil rising in the world and is not the same father he was. The wife tries desperately to get her husband back and settles on making him do yard work to try to awake his real self back, which he does end up doing. Finally the dream ends as a sort of spider monster creature rises from their sink and the two sons, the wife and a priest that happened to be in the house too, all prepare to fight it.
 [in response to Jacob's comment: "the handsome squidward part is great"] It's really weird, I remember him looking in the mirror and he was like contemplating his life
 not sure why he had a blue squidward face, but still
 Man I wish it would have continued. I'm almost positive my brain was building up Claire's baby to be important later on
 the complications at birth definitely had an air of "mysticality" to it, I think that baby might have been the reason for the apocalypse in the dream
 [in response to Jacob's comment: "oh a demon spawn"] yeah
 [in response to Emmanuel's comment: "So not having enough sugar spawns a devil baby..."] It's more that the baby was so weird/evil that it sapped all her sugar