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Dream Archive — Emmanuel

Friends...? (8 July 2020)
 I had a dream where a nondescript friend of mine was being bullied and I confronted the bully. I ended up becoming friends with the bully because he was wearing a doom shirt. The dream ended with me, the bully, and my friend becoming pals. I woke up from it completely bewildered.

When Hitting the Hay Goes Haywire (28 August 2020)
 A bit of background: I had stayed awake until 4-5 am and tried to fall asleep. As far as I could tell I fell asleep, but during the entire process I was aware of my surroundings in my room. I dreamt that I was sleeping in a room similar to my older brother's room, but the bed was only a mattress on a bed frame. Suddenly, I felt the mattress shift towards the edges of the frame and almost fall to the ground, but I managed to struggle and keep myself and the mattress on the frame. I looked around to see what was pulling the frame and nothing was around, I could only see my silhouette on the nearest wall. Then, the mattress (with me on it) gets pulled briskly down my upstairs hallway by some unseen force and I end up in front of the opened door to my parent's room, with a female figure standing in the doorway. I interpret this as my sister and feel some relief. But then the figure turns to me and has a face that is similar to my sister's, but is pale with black eyes and a wide toothy grin (evil looking). When I see this, I start struggling to move and scream to no avail. After a few moments, some force pulls me away from the figure while my vision fades to black. My vision then fades back in. The scene apparently changes, and I'm in the same bedroom as before but now there's some warm flickering light coming presumably from a candle out of sight. At this point, I see another female figure with her back turned to me. I began to freak out and try to scream, but to no avail. Then the figure turns and it's not the same one from before but a different one, with a longer, less pale face but still with dark eyes. I keep struggling and trying to move, but I can't. Eventually, the figure brings her face closer, but my vision fades to my actual room as I muster a muffled scream (like a rrrraaaaaaagghhh!!!). At this point, I finally managed to build enough momentum from tensing my muscles to break free from the sleep paralysis and wake up.

That's a Pro-deuce (28 November 2020)
 I had a dream last night where my dad had bought some tomatoes, but when he picked them up and flipped them over, the underside was all smushed and rotten. Really weird because in reality he's really good at picking good produce.