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Dream Archive — Jackson

Xiu Xiu Shirt (16 November 2020)
 I had a cool dream last night. I was Kobe Bryant and I met up with Michael Jordan at Franco-Cité. We were both superheroes and he was my master. He was teaching me how to be the best at everything. We played volleyball against some kids (I totally sucked but MJ was all old and wise saying crap like "patience young one".)
 Afterwards, we had a duty to accomplish. We sprinted around the halls spreading some kind of information to the other students (also this version of Franco had 10 floors). While doing our duty, we ran into some random girl in the hall wearing a xiu xiu shirt, and she said something like "you gotta go to Japan", and Michael Jordan was like "yes you should go".
 So I went to Japan and took a random bus when I got there. I got to see a rough part of city. There was a toilet on the side of the street and I used it for a big shit. There wasnt enough toilet paper though, so I used the cardboard roll to wipe.
 Afterwards I started on my way back to the bus station and saw a restaurant called "toga sandwich" which was a deli place. I went in (down a step hill) and it was like Subito sandwich on the inside. I didn't have a mask, but the deli guy (who spoke surprisingly amazing English) cut me a piece of ham to use as a mask. He made my sandwich and afterwards I walked around and ate it. It was amazing.
 [in response to Thomas' comments ("This part too / So well written / Such prose") quoting this part: "There was a toilet on the side of the street and I used it for a big shit."] Yknow that part was kinda stressful at first. Because I felt like people might have been looking at me weird, but then I realized if there's a toilet on the side of the road that's what it's used for.

Island Dream (11 December 2020)
 I dreamt I was on a cruise ship on the ocean. (But it wasn't the real ocean. It was the ocean from Zelda Phantom Hourglass). On a daily voyage, the ship was stopping at an island and everyone was getting off. I wasn't allowed to go though because I didn't pay enough to go to this island. The ship dropped me off at a different island instead.
 The boat dropped me off alone at a very long narrow path which lead to an island.
 (Picture 1)

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 As I walked down the path a bunch of ghosts ran through me and sprinted to the island. There was like thousands of them.
 Once at the island there was just one huge building. Kinda like a headquarters. It wasn't maintained well though. (Sorta like the hotel from Life Aquatic, but more modern).
 I went in the headquarters and all the ghosts were there playing and eating a bunch of food. I decided to hangout with some of them but it felt weird. They were really fake and kept giving me food.
 The dream went on like this for a while and kinda became a nightmare. It reminded be of the time I did ketamine and I was stuck in a gif of Monsters Inc.. It was like I was in a never ending cycle with these people who weren't real.
 Eventually I ran into Woody Allen amongst all the ghosts. We were playing soccer. Although I think he may have also been a ghost in this world. We sat down on a bench and started talking. He told me about his depression and how he's been trying to kill himself for years. I told him I was feeling depressed recently, but didn't know how to talk about. I told him I like Deconstructing Harry. He told me about having sex with Elaine (from Seinfeld) on the set, and how he put that scene in the movie only after having sex with her to tease her. I told him I recommended the movie to Reilly. He told me that Reilly hadn't watched it yet. Then he reminded me of the time I punched Reilly in the dick in 8th grade music class. I started crying at this point because those are not times I remember fondly. Then he called me a baby. Also, Zach Hill (from Death Grips) came to our bench and told us he was going out with Bladee now.
 Woody Allen told me I should get a job and left. I went into the headquarters and looked around everywhere for where I could get a job. The ghosts were still everywhere - just chilling. I opened doors looking for employees and asked the ghosts about how I could get a job. I couldn't find anything though.
 Eventually I found a call centre thingy. It was an endless series of cubicles. Almost the exact office from when I worked at CRA, but at the front there was a couch and counter.

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 I talked to the lady at the counter. I was like "please please please!!! Give me a job". She said "no, we don't hire passengers". I was like "I don't care, I'm not going back on the boat. I need to do something. This island is making me crazy and I don't think anything here is real!" I begged the lady at the counter for a longtime. I convinced her that I knew this was all fake, but she still wouldn't give me a job. Eventually she was like "if you know.... then you know" and looked at me all confused. I was like "PLEASE!!! Tell me what you mean. I don't know what you're talking about!" She then said "if you hear the three horns ring, you'll know what to do" and she went back to typing and ignored me.
 Almost immediately after, I noticed a siren going off. Then three horns sounded.
 I opened my eyes.
 I was out of the dream and wide awake. There was a fire truck going down my street with its siren on, honking it's horn.
 [in response to Jacob's comments: "this actually resonated with me very much / ive been having sort of similar dreams / with similar sentiments / seems like it has a retrospective feel. would you agree? / like an end of life dream"] Yeah exactly
 I feel similarly
 I don't typically have dreams like this though. It was a new dream for me.
 It was honestly like a nightmare, but less directly frightening. Compared to other nightmares of mine.
 One part I didn't mention was that I was on the ship with my family, but only I went to this special island. They went to the other one.