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Dream Archive — Matthew

Cult Rock-Worship (sometime 2017-2019)
 Im not sure when I had this dream but the memory of it popped into my head while editing these already written dreams. I was in a swamp/rain forest area. At the time I was there it was frozen over but It was usually a dark and very wet area like you would assume, im not sure why I was there but I had stumbled upon a cabin where I met an old man that looked like that generic "kook" in TV shows (ie. Old man McGucket from Gravity Falls). He was nice and invited me in briefly where he told me about this type of cult that met in the swamp around a big rock. But they only came when the forest wasn't frozen over. (I assume this is why I was here). I thanked him for the hospitality and when I exited the hut the swamp had dethawed and the group was there, seemingly simultaneously after the man told me about it. I remember having to swing on a vine and slide down a grassy slide to get to the worshipping rock. The rock was surrounded by lush green vines and was covered in moss. The radius around the rock was about 10 feet and then lead to a deep fall. I approached them on their knees worshipping the rock in basic black cult hoods when I came face to face with the group. To my surprise, it was someone I knew well (I believe someone from my high school but Im not sure who) and was happy to see again. The rest of the group was composed of teens and young adults, nobody seemingly over the age of 25. I watched the remainder of the worshipping and then joined in with the hood. It was fun and I felt lifted. I was then taken to their headquarters for "initiation". The city I was taken to massively resembled Ecruteak City from Pokemon Heart Gold and their headquarters was Bell Tower, also located in that city. That's all I remember from it.
 Note: Link to Ecruteak City for more info.

Flipping Away from the Feds (1 June 2020)
 had a dream that me you (Jacob) and Jackson were sprinting in a field doing flips
 i think we were escaping the feds
 its was real fun

Depression and Elementary School Robbery (8 July 2020)
 couple nights ago i had a dream i had major depression and then Jacob and Toine took me to rob a elementary school

Broken Windshield Law-Abidance (11 July 2020)
 I had a dream I was at the movies with Jacob and Jackson and when we came back out to my car the front windshield was broken, then Jacob called me a bitch for not wanting to drive a car without a wind shield, so he broke the back windshield then stole the car
 i also woke hype hella pissed at jacob
 then realised it was a dream

Racist Hockey Player / Reilly's New Pet Raccoon (26 July 2020)
 Two mini dreams to report:
 First one I was playing hockey and one of the opposing players (white) called me a sand n**r so I beat the shit outta him
 Second one I went over to Reilly's place to play with his new and really cute pet raccoon. It was weird at first but the raccoon was sweet and knew a lot of tricks including jumping like he was on a pogo stick

Pregnant Friend's Cross-Country Retrospective Tour (12 August 2020)
 Had a dream I was with Jacob and Thomas and we had to chauffeur around a 9 month pregnant Jacob (a different one we know) around the country to get certain things from his past before he could properly give birth to his child. Was a truly wacky adventure

Poo in Cat (28 August 2020)
 I once had a dream that I pooped inside my cat and then my cat pooped out my poop and it just smelled really bad. When I woke up I realized I had pooped my bed.
 Im sorry for sharing
 (Note: This dream was shared from Matt's phone via practical joke played by Reilly. Matthew was eating his shawarma plate and Reilly saw and took a chance for a dastardly prank. Matthew decided to not delete this message as it seemingly brought joy to the young white man. To clarify once again, Matthew did not have such a grotesque dream.)

St. John Ambulance Chase (1 September 2020)
 1. Had a dream a hot girl from my school started an onlyfans and I was like nice lol and subscribed to her. She delivered good content
 2. I remember I was hanging out with this girl (I don't remember who she was but I recall not knowing her). In the dream she was basically my gf and she was chilling at my house at night. Then she was like "man im bored lets go for a night walk" so I was like bet and we went out. It was like midnight and we walked around the neighborhood and I remember being lost and not remembering anything. It was a new hood. We then stumbled on this school, the lights were on and we heard chattering and we thought "wtf its midnight" so we snuck through the vents to investigate. We got into the janitors closet and followed the sound towards the gym. We discovered a group of people in a circle just chatting. My gf didn't recognize them but I soon realized I knew these people. (Context when I was 11 I learned CPR with St-John Ambulance) I discover these were the St-John ambulance crew and I was oh damn I know them. I went to go talk to them and they were like "Matthew you left us when you were younger wth man" and I was like "sorry it was boring as a kid and I wanted to play pokemon lol" then they got pissed and attacked me and my gf so we ran. We spent the remainder of the dream running away from them in almost a Scooby Doo like chase scene. Last thing I remember was hugging and comforting my gf in a hidden room and saying "everythings gonna be alright" and running out to go and do something. The End
 Dream wasnt mainly about the girl tbh
 She was basically a side character
 [in response to Jacob's comments: "that must have been an old memory, the crew from when you were 11 / like a buried one / was it?"] Yeah fr
 Never think about them
 Didnt like them either tbh

Preparation for Simultaneous Births (22 September 2020)
 Had a dream my mom and my cat were both pregnant and the doctors told us the babies were gonna come out simultaneously and I was running around Costco with my sisters getting stuff to prepare then we forgot to bring masks and then realized nobody had masks on and we got scared because of COVID so we tried to leave via underground parking lot. That's it
 (Note: The dream definitely had more depth to it but I don't seem to recall it. One thing that should have been mentioned though is there was an angry mob that followed us. Im not exactly sure why but I believe it was something covid related, calling us chickens for wanting to wear masks??? It was just something to add to the craziness of having to deal with 2 simultaneous births. Truly wacky.)

Water Tower Destruction (8 October 2020)
 So I don't remember the beginning of the dream but I remember it definitely happened. I just remember the remainder of where we left off:
 Me and Reilly were biking down a long street after a substantial intersection where you begin to go down to the beach and you see the neighborhood. We had just hung out with Jackson(?) (Don't remember like I said) and needed to speak to him about something. While we were biking many old and somewhat pointless structures (such as old and unused big city water containers) were being taken down by the government in the neighborhoods across the city, especially this one. When they would fall down they would create a pretty sizable explosion. I believe that was the reason we went to visit Jackson. During the bike ride I was complaining to Reilly about how shitty my bike was and how I felt like it might break down while biking but he told me to persist. We finally got to Jackson's place where he was with this older and mature woman (in her 40s) at his dads old place, but it was in much worse quality (made of wood, falling apart etc). We told Jackson about what had been going on in the neighborhood (destruction of old structures by government). He didn't see the problem it was causing until this big bulldozer pushed over this nearby water tower and it cause a massive explosion. We got scared and found different shelter (what seemed like a cabin or shed of some sort) while Thomas (who was randomly in the neighborhood) joined us in shelter. It was me, Reilly, Jackson, Thomas and this older business woman Jackson was with seeking this refuge. She was keeping us calm will trying to plan our next actions. Another explosion took place and I was scared for Reillys safety so I jumped on him to protect him. Turned out to be a smaller explosion than I imagined and Thomas roasted me for overreacting and Jackson was sad I didn't jump to protect him. We continued planning until…

Mansion-Sitting (21 October 2020)
 Had a dream my dads rich friend needed someone to go to his mansion for the week and watch his horse and cat while he was away. The house was very wacky in certain rooms and resembled rooms from Alice In Wonderland. Weird and out of proportion, but the majority of the house was normal. It also gave me vibes of my uncles house (On my dads side who I haven't seen in many years). I get there and I start walking around the house with the cat in my arms and the horse besides me. The horse was brown, very soft and sweet and even let me lay down on him at times while the cat was indifferent. All of the sudden, I hear voice and music coming from upstairs. When I go to check it out it's maybe 10 people having some sort of party. The people having a party were seemingly from a fraternity. This one white guy comes to and welcomes me with open arms. I'm thinking "wtf is going in rn, why are all these people here" but decide "who cares lets have fun". Im mingling and such when all the sudden everyone has to go downstairs for some reason, leaving me with this one girl upstairs. I'm not sure if she was latina or arab but she was brown. I did this weird dance trying to make her laugh and entertain her. She not only laughed but started dancing as well. We went crazy on the dancing for the next few minutes and when the song ended we both fell on the couch laughing at what just happened. I then look at her and say "You are my new best friend" and then she goes "Oh thanks, its probably just the cocaine though". She then opens her mouth to smile revealing her teeth are in horrible condition and im like "?!?!?!?!?" but play it off. She then leaves to go see the others. But I'm still like wtf??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
 It was pretty fun tho
 Like the whole connection with a random stranger throughout ironic dance is kinda goals

Plant-Sitting (28 November 2020)
 I was called upon by a friend because he needed help with something. He needed me to watch his plants which were basically two mini palms trees in a plant holder, both about 6 feet. Around that time I was helping with a camp but I told him I would watch over them at the camp. He was concerned because he thought the kids mess it up but I gave him my word. Anyways Im watching the kids as they're playing, talking to shorties (because you know how I do) and watching the trees. None of the kids are interested with the plants so I have nothing to worry about. When all of the sudden one of the trees starts to split from the bottom, like its being put under enormous pressure. I have no idea what to do, I'm asking the girls what I should do but they are confused as well. I try watering the tree but nothing changes. The tree falls over on itself and falls to the ground almost at the same time as my friend walks in to see his prized mini palm tree split in 2. He then proceeds to get mad at me, regretting trusting me with this. Even thought I knew it wasn't my fault I still felt like I let him down. Some of the girls try to tell me it's OK but I put my head into my touque and left upset. The girls tell my friend that he was too mean to me and that we should go find me and he reluctantly joins. The remainder of the dreams kinda plays out like a TV show. I go to certain places then leave then it cuts to the group looking for me. I can recall being in a seemingly futuristic city. Going to a mall for a while, then going outside downtown to where they had set up ziplines across the city. But I was too sad to zipline so I used the zip line they handed out to me as a zipper for my jacket which was missing one. I then went back to the bathroom of the mall where I ran into 2 of my other friends, a guy I played soccer with and a guy from my high school that was in the hockey program. I had caught up with them individually and I felt good, realizing that I was ok even if certain people were upset with me and that moving on might be best.

Dangerous School Challenges for Points (11 December 2020)
 Had a dream we were in high school and the school created this crazy point system that involved the completion of crazy and sometimes dangerous challenges in order to earn points for more perks throughout the school. Don't remember what any of the perks were but it wasn't a mandatory thing. This didnt take place at our old high school tho, at some futuristic looking university campus but I was pretty sure it was supposed to be the old high school tho as all of the students that went were there. I remember having one about hold a big piece of ham in my hand for the whole day and if you let it go you lost, building a snow fort, finding certain hidden objects hidden across the school and even some dangerous challenges, like walking over a tight rope that had lava at the bottom. I dont remember doing them because I was scared and only took the safe challenges but I vaguely remembered being electrocuted if failing. I also remember seeing and speaking to others but my main characters in this dream were Daniel and one of the main characters from Suits, Harvey Specter.
 (Note: I think within the week I had watched the episode from Community where they basically parody 1984. They all had a similar dystopian vibe and the community episode also had a point system, but the one in my dream was cumulative while the Community one was a rating.)

Long Penis Skit (16 December 2020)
 Had a dream of a skit where a guy is lowering his pants threatening to show his penis then goes "LOL jk" then when he pulls he pants back up the bottom of his penis is really long and sags out the bottom off his pants while he walks away.
 (Note: There was more to this dream but I felt insecure not to tell but I will reveal it here. I was stalking one of my friends because I knew they were organising a party because they had installed a brand new pool in their front yard. I had binoculars and was camped out in my car waiting to see if they would deliver the invitation to me via post (even though they live near me). I was invited. At the party, the skit was performed. The guy that performed the skit was a friend of mine, who I like very much but has always told certain jokes at the wrong time. Even though I found the skit incredibly hilarious, it was performed in front of numerous children at the party, I had to hold my laugh and I spoke to him after about telling his joke around the correct audience. The party continued and was relatively fun. Sweet DLC Content right)

Pyramid Adventure / With the Boys at a Restaurant (17 December 2020)
 Keep having dreams about multiple random segments not related to each other. I can remember 2 or 3 segments. The first one I was in a pyramid with some people trying to find something. Either a way out or some artifact. Not sure what it was but we were on some sort of adventure and it was kinda fun. The pyramid reminded me of a combination of the sphinx tower in Aladdin and the Dodongo Cavern in ocarina of time. The second dream I remember was all the boys were together at a restaurant. Not sure which one but it might have been Pizza Hut. We sat at this one really long table (not multiple tables together but 1 big one) and we just ate and had a good time. No masks or anything just vibes. Then we left and Will pay for us (our grand total was 50$ for some reason) and I felt bad so I covered the tip (5 bucks) then we left in my dads van.
 (Note: I don't think Willy instinctively offered to pay but I believe Eman and Thomas bullied him into paying. Even though throughout the dreams it was the boys just having a good time, Eman and Thomas were at times out of character and just plain mean. The tip I added was more for pity. Also I think the relation to me pilling all the boys into one car was when I had done that with my JY group. I had taken a photo at the time because it looked so funny and I had recently stumbled on it beforehand, which might have incited that moment in the dream.)