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Dream Archive — Nelson

Untimely and Unanswered (21 August 2020)
 Weird dream w/ weird time
 I had a dream where I was in a highschool English class with one of my university professors as the teacher. The prof gave us an assignment to do and for some reason I couldn't answer any of the questions fast enough. I was getting stressed because everyone had handed in their papers except me and some dudes had erased the questions we were supposed to answer from the chalkboard. So I took my phone, walked over to the prof's desk and told the teacher I needed to take a picture of the last question because it got erased (but I was actually trying to get all the answers from someone else's paper). I wasn't even being sneaky about it, I was taking pictures of the whole answer sheet in front of him but he was being distracted by someone who I felt like my friend (but I don't know them in real life). The friend was talking to him about a trip that he had promised to take the class on and the teacher reminded the class that we each needed to bring 1000$ so we could take the trip next time we came in (I thought to myself "that's one expensive ass trip, better be good"). Then Georges (who I know in real life) was trying to take a selfie next to me for some reason and Stephanie (someone else I know in real life) came over and walked over and got mad at him for trying to save the picture with the wrong filter (no clue what was going on there). Anyway, just as class ended I was still struggling to take pictures of the questions (my brain just wasn't functioning I guess because I had been there for several minutes just trying to take a picture) and the prof gets up and reminds everyone again that they need to bring 1000$ for the next class. Then, as class is supposed to end, there's no bell and I think to myself "where's the bell?". It was like time was slowed down and I was moving through it at normal speed between the moment that the clock showed the class was over and the time the bell was going to ring. I look back to see Stephanie and Georges fighting and I just feel sad because I never go to answer any of the questions. Then I woke up and thought: "well I guess I'm getting a bomb travel dream next time with all the dream money I'm gonna be spending". Never go to finish those questions, never heard the school bell. Also, after several months, I have still not had that bomb traveling dream :'(