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Dream Archive — Reilly

Neighbours Captured at Elementary School (sometime during high school)
 once i had a nasty dream where my neighbours got captured by this secret organizations and i couldt do anything about it, the location was my elementary school
 the way i remember that one going was like some bad people trying to capture my neighbours at the school. I distinctly remember one scene where they were running towards william in the field, they had a gun. it makes sense to me that he actually fell in the field, and i had to go back and help him up to run away, but i'm not sure it went down that way. i could have also just been looking at the scene from the sidelines and realised that i couldn't do anything about the situation. I forget. it also probably wasnt a secret organization, but just a generic bad guy, but idk. i don't remember much

Hidden Desire for Twins / Fight with Dog (30 November 2017)
 It was nighttime, I met up with my friends on the track team Logan and John in a res. It was nice and dark, sort of like a real-life version of some setting in MTV downtown (animated show I was watching at the time). I was sitting on a dinner table with people around us. I then saw a pair of twins and they looked very similar to Julie and Christina (twins that I had a crush on at the time). When I first saw them, I thought it was them so I shouted, "hey Julie" and then wondered if it could have been the other twin Christina because she didn't look quite like Julie when I had a better look at her. I realised it was a totally different set of twins all together. Jon laughed at me for making this mistake. He said "My Julie, my precious little Julie" imitating/mocking my inner desires about Julie (note: it's as if he knew that I made the mistake of thinking the set of twins were Julie and Christina because I was in love with them).
 I don't know how he came up with this rationale. It is possible that he thought I was making a joke about Julie and Christina like Mikey does. (calling Julie Christina just to tease them) Or it could have been the tone of voice that I was portraying while saying "hi Julie". Beside us was another table with twins that also looked like Julie and Christina. Jon called them "hey Julie" but it then the twin turned over and we realised it was not Julie
 Note: This is me trying to understand why Jon would say something so odd in my dream, but what I don't think I realised back then was that in my dream all is knowing, Jon isn't a real person. He was calling me out on my inner desires. The last line is weird here, two sets of the twins in one sitting, both of them not being the real twins??? I don't know what the meaning of this is but I remember I had a big crush on the twins back at the time of this dream.
 Time skip
 I am now with only Logan now and we are at the park close to my house in my hometown. There are a lot of people playing including these abnormally sized dogs. I didn't really notice how big they were in the dream, it just seemed normal for them to be that big. We walked around the park and the dogs and the caretaker of the dogs along with some other people were walking beside us. One of the dogs was playing around it was nice. Then for a reason I cannot remember, that dog started to growl and was being aggressive towards me. He ran at me and try to bite me. At one point he successfully did bite me. I was in a full-on brawl with the dog, and as started to size each other up to fight I realized how big and strong of a dog he really was. We were then at the sand area of the park were the swing set is. The dog was full on mad now. The group of people walking beside us formed a circle around the swing set, they were trying to help me without interfering in the fight, one of them told me that I should act big and aggressive because that is the only way to scare off animals. I went for an threatening stance and approached the dog trying to look as big as possible. The dog got scared and coward back a little bit. While being aggressive I realised that that was not the person I am. I wasn't a threatening or someone who could hurt someone else at heart so I backed off and went back to my old position. As I backed off, the dog came back at me. At this point someone called an animal specialist. She came in and saved the day. She was talking to the dog and pointing at me, at this point I might have done something wrong to the dog that i cannot remember before or during the fight. The dog was listening to the animal specialist and she handled the situation perfectly. Me and the dog then had a big hug and i think we apologized to one and other.
 On our way back me and Logan stopped by a busy coffee shop in a tree like building. I remember Logan (and everyone else) acting as if I should be embarrassed about being bullied by a dog. I told myself that the dog was a pretty big dog and I don't think I would have stop up a good chance fighting that dog, but I still agreed with him deep down.
 Note: Overall this dream was pretty weird, the first part was manly influenced by my obsession with the twins in first year, along with the setting being influenced by the show I was watching MTV downtown. I'm not so sure about the second part of the dream, it could have to relate to some personal conflicts I had at the time of the dream, but it could also mean something deeper, something I can't quite put my finger on yet. Okay so after reading up on dream theory apparently fighting an animal means I'm fighting with my unconscious part of myself that feels repressed. But the dream didn't stop at the fight, there was a conclusion. I actually came to terms with this animal. I'm not exactly sure what happened in my life to get to this point, but something must have happened.

Harry Potter Battle Against Media Studies Teacher (27 March 2018)
 I had a dream where my media studies teacher played a prominent role. We were in south, a residence building at my university. It was cloudy and raining. The building was located on boating dock. My media studies teacher was talking to me about knowing how everything is and that he was better than me at everything. He asked me if I did any sports and I told him I did track and field. We then had a battle like the harry potter series. I was Harry potter and he was the bad guy. It was the battle just like the one in the second book. With the same sword that killed the serpent. That is all I remember well. I remember some details of the surroundings; mountain hall was on a dock and looked was a fast food restaurant. I ordered a steak and egg special, but it was more like a regular ham and egg with an English muffin sandwich. I asked them for no cheese and I think they were giving me a hard time.
 Note: This dream heavily relates to my relationship with my media studies teacher, I revealed a lot to him through my blog posts and felt weird towards him for that, he also acted as though he knew a lot more than us and treated us like we were his children. I remember having an interview with him to try and get a summer job with him but the interview was much harder than I expected and I was not qualified at all for the job, the interview left a strong emotional feeling on me because I didn't think it would be an interview that I needed to qualify for, I thought he just wanted to me to work for him. Also, the role of Harry Potter in this dream is interesting, Harry Potter, for some reason, has recurring appearances in my dreams and will appear in more to come

Fear of Missing Class / Eggs and Ice Cream at a Courtroom (25 September 2018)
 Yesterday I had two dreams:
 The first one I was worried about school. I was in a room and I realised that I had been missing a lot of lectures from a few of my classes, it worried me even more when I missed the mid term and a few of my projects from that class. I was really worried because I thought that I would fail and consequently not be able to go to school next semester. All and all it was a pretty scary dream and I think it was warning me to keep going to all my classes.
 The second dream was also more than i can remember, it was in a courtroom. One of the lawyers was having eggs with ice cream. I just remember that eggs were a part of cake, so I thought that if making cake with just the eggs would be healthy and also taste good, but this didn't happen. I realised that it was just eggs. And also, the ice cream was a topping of the cake.

Conservative Club (2 October 2018)
 I had a dream last night about going to a conservative club. It was at this house. There was a grandma there (wtf was she doing there?), anyways i was trying to explain to them the Bret Kavena thing, I had a really good argument and I seemed to be pretty interested in the subject. I was with a group of people that I wasn't expecting to see at a conservative club. I was starting to explain why Bret Kavena guy was getting too much hate. Then the club leader (the grandma) was stopping me. She was like no conservative opinions allowed here. I was confused because she was the leader of the conservative club.
 Note: This dream stems from my introduction to Jordan Peterson and political media. It also comes from me wanting to join the conservative club.

Paolo's First Day at Work (21 October 2018)
 I was working at a grocery store, like the one next to my work. Then Paolo started working there, he was in 9th grade at the time. He was not doing too well and was a little nervous because it was his first job, I told him it would be fine. Then we held a meeting, were we were all separated and judged by this frog, we had to fire one person (Kill) and it would be the frog's decision. The frog then chose Paolo. RIP

Jackson's Hot Girlfriend (26 October 2018)
 I had a few dreams last night, could not remember them to easily though.
 The first dream was a weird one, I was working at z-teca but in a different store. It was like a desert outside and it was hot out. I was met up with Jackson and his girlfriend. There was another girl that I remember in the dream. They came and then we went to another place, I remember Jackson's girlfriend being really hot (like the girl in the teen mom video). We were at this place I and think we were talking about how he had this girl friend and how I didn't have a girl friend
 The other dream was me waking up at like 10:30 or sometime earlier, I remember just waking up and the doing the things that I do when I wake up. Then I actually woke up and it was 11:30, not as good of a time.
 Note: this dream is pretty self-explanatory, the appearance of Jackson and his girlfriend will continue to occur throughout my dream timeline.

House of Girls (14 December 2018)
 I had a dream where I was hanging out with alexander and Zachary from elementary school. I was asking Zack if he was going to be a pilot because that's what it said on his Facebook. He said he wasn't but rather a rescuer of solders in a truck. He hung out for a bit and talked a bit more, then we went into some house.
 The scene changed, I was in a house with john and a few hot girls. Jon was making them aroused and he slept with one of them, I went into the other girl's room and we fucked as well. But in the dream I don't remember.
 The scene changed again, and it was the next day. We went to the same house with the same goal in mind from last night. I had gotten there a bit after Jon but when I got there, there were 4 girls. All decently hot. We were not successful in arousing them tonight and we ended up going home without having sex. I was going to bike home, but Jon told me ton bus because it was raining and shit. I didn't feel like biking or bussing.

Playing in a Field / Smash Deception (15 January 2019)
 I remember two dreams that I had last night.
 One of them I was out in a field with William or someone (William my neighbour or William lambert???, probably my neighbour). I think we were playing a game. It was nice and green with a hint of grey in the dream. Then Jackson and his girlfriend came, and we did something.
 I also remember being on a road trip
 I was in a house with a lot of people from the smash community. We were all crashing at a house but then there were alligators. The alligators were really scary, but I was fairly sure that the smash guys could defeat them. Then they couldn't. That's when the nightmare started, it was really scary because I thought the alligator would eat us. Then we escaped and I woke up. The dream was really frightening, and I don't think I've had a nightmare that scary in a while.
 Note: Another appearance of Jackson's girlfriend. This is getting kinda sus. Sweats. Here I seem to be putting emphasis on the actual environment of the dream, something that I have come to value more recently from dreams. They take you to a different world. If I had to put my psychoanalyst glasses on for the second dream, it's telling me that I think too highly of smash players. I thought they would be able to kill the alligator, but I overestimated their abilities. I was getting really into smash and was idolizing these players and wanted to be one of them. The dream either means that I'm spending too much time with these guys and they won't be able to solve my problems, or that smash players aren't actually all that great. Or a mixture of both. This one article said that alligators in dreams signifies deception, I think it's fitting to put smash players literally in the dream for a clear correlation between deception and my views on smash players at the time

Downtown Night Party Turns into Deadly Bike Rescue Mission / Train Station / Hype Race (28 March 2020)
 Dreams last night:
 1: had a dream where I was in my hometown on the bus with my bike. it was night out and I met up with the anime club guy on the bus. He was telling me that he had 2 hook ups tonight, one with some random and another with Tyrone's sister, Tyrone in my dream was some light skin dude that was also in the club, but now that I'm awake I remember he is actually not in the club and does not exist whatsoever. Anyways he told me that I could have one of his girls and he also told me that I should come back to where I belong. He was implying that I would get more girls if I did stuff that I actually enjoyed which was the anime club. I then got off the bus and someone stole my bike that I had placed in the back. I was so angry that I went out and yelled someone stole my bike and ran after the guy who stole it. Aidan from the track team came to my help and tried to take my bike back from the guy but the guy legit killed Aidan lol. I then was scared I think and didn't try to get my bike back. Also, funny story the guy that I was talking to on the bus from the anime club was also named Aidan.
 2. Was at Jackson's apartment and I wanted him to drive me to the train station so I could catch the train in the morning to go back to Guelph. I also remember going to sleep at 3am and waking up at 4am and thought it was a good night sleep for some reason. I walked around in the morning and it had the same feeling of me waiting for the bus in Toronto when I wait for the train.
 3. Had a dream where I was in a 1500m race and I was lining up and getting ready to race, I was so excited and nervous. It was some type of finals and I was feeling really fast despite not training for a while, I also just felt like I could run really fast.
 Note: First off, I don't remember at all what the Tyrone in this dream looked like, nor do I remember how his sister looked. A few months after this dream happened, I got a job at Weed Man for the summer, at that job there was a light skin dude named Tyrone. COINSIDENCE??? Probably. There's a lot of light skin Tyrone's out there, heck why would I even dream of a guy named Tyrone if that wasn't a common name for a light skin. Oh, wait a second. I just realised this dream was 2020 and not 2019. I actually knew Tyrone all along and this dream was referring to the Tyrone from my work. Me being a predictor of the future theory: DENIED. The amount of obvious shit my dreams tell me is actually wild. It's too bad I'm too much of a shitter to actually act up on the guidance my dreams try to tell me. Dreaming about Jackson again... what do I love him or something holy shit man get it together. The second dream was the first appearance of me sleeping in a dream, weird af.

Unfair Fight Consolation (4 May 2020)
 I had a dream where I was playing basketball with Paolo? Maybe? Then he had to go home but he lived 3 streets away from mine and it was in the morning. I also went to his new street, but I was reading a book on a couch. The couch was the same couch that I have in our living room, I was just chilling on there and it was the morning which was nice because the sun was shining onto me. After that I remember being with two girls, one was fat, the other was the girl from the Monogatari series, the girl lesbian girl that plays basketball. The fat girl I think was getting attacked or was trying to fight someone and I think it was the basketball girl that she was fighting, but she lost badly to. I then tried to cheer her up by saying she lost to a sonic (sonic is op on Wi-Fi) but she didn't buy it and was sad still that she lost to the Monogatari girl. A few things where vague about this last part. I don't know if the fat girl was actually fat, she might have been a cute looking girl. I'm not entirely sure about the Monogatari girls appearance in the dream, I'm pretty sure she was acting stealthy before she attacked and then she might have been clearer after the fight, but I'm not entirely sure.
 Note: What I mean when I say that she was fighting an sonic is that she wasn't fighting a fair fight, the other girl must have used dirty tricks on her to make her lose so I tried to cheer her up by saying that.

Phantom Troupe Deception (12 May 2020)
 Yesterday I had a dream where I was in the Hunter x Hunter universe. I think I was Gon because I remember being with Kilua. We were at the phantom troupe arc and we joined the phantom troupe gang. We were masters at stealing. We tried to steal something big from a house. I think that house had my cousins, the Kytes in there. Unfortunately, they knew we were coming. Our plan for fucked up and we got caught. I then realised that this phantom troupe was a fake. The real phantom troupe is much stronger than we are, and they were just copying them. Things happen and people get hurt, but I'm pretty sure we escape and then I wake up I believe.

Raw Eggs Trial (1 June 2020)
 Yesterday I had a dream where I was in my house but there were some invaders. I remember seeing Asuka. Some people died and I had to eat raw eggs to save them, but the eggs were so gross that I ended up dropping them and then drinking water instead. I think they ended up dying and I was sad.

Animals in the Wild (2 June 2020)
 I had a dream where I was in a town, there was a guy there and we had to drive him out of the town. The setting was in an airport of some sort and we got him to go to Toronto. Then I got on a plane with my mom but was annoyed by her, so I left. I ended up at this jungle with a lot of animals. I think I turned into an animal but I'm not sure. I then found some friends and we went exploring in a forest. We found other animals, but they were dangerous. We were fighting off and evading the animals until we made it to a section with 2 small bears, they were running after us. I told my buddies to run away. We ran until we got to a big rock that we had to climb. I was losing strength climbing it and was about to fall. I asked my buddy to come help. He said he was going to help but he wasted time and was not helping me. I said him again "please help". He said ok again but still didn't show any signs of helping me. Then O realised I wasn't getting any help, so I was struggling to get myself up on the rock, but my strength was weakening. At this point I woke up.

Braydon's Birthday Party / Canoe Trip (3 June 2020)
 I was in my house and it was Braydon's birthday. We were hanging out and there were some neighbours around. Some came over and gave us beer. I remember our hot neighbours from the backyard where they hung around. There were also some boys in the back who came up and drank with us. My buddies from my hometown where here too. Then we walked down the road to someplace. I remember being weird the fuck out of Braydon's friends. He said they were his buddies from back home who did coke, they looked like party crack heads and one had gray hair. We then got to a shop with a bunch of camping and canoeing equipment which reminded me of the store sail but with more space and a carpet floor and cool camping items on display. My family was there now. We were told to gather everything from a list of items, I was looking around and I found some of my items. Then Bradyon's weird ass friends came in and were messing shit up. They took my sheet of paper and messed around with it. After that the scene switched. I was preparing for the canoe trip. I biked to the location that we were supposed to start canoeing. My grandpa (or some old man, I forget) was there and he explained how we were going to get the canoes in. one thing leads to another and I'm on my bike biking in the water, eventually my bike was so deep in the water that I couldn't bike anymore. I had to ditch my bike to escape. As I got back, I was watching some people play frisbee in the lake and they all sunk their shots in a garbage. And I pictured my bike being towed away by the waves, realising I would never see it again...

Logan's Return (5 June 2020)
 Yesterday I had a dream where Logan came back. (during the summer Logan was away) and he was a little mad about the ping pong table thing, but he wouldn't mention it meaning he was probably really mad. we went to an event and we were going back home, and I followed him, but he said he was going back with Briana (our hot neighbour who smokes cigarettes). He said that after I got on the bus with him, so I asked how many stops until our place and he said like 2 hours, so I ran off the bus and ran home.

Log Cabin Trip (28 June 2020)
 I had a dream today that I was traveling with Jacob and matt. I'm not sure how we ended up traveling together but we were in a van, and there was an adult who I don't remember driving us. I had a physical copy of the two cat's album and put it on the roof of the car. I remember asking Jacob to get the album off of the roof of the car because it was closest to his seat, I tried to get it before but had no luck. Eventually he got it off the roof and I was relieved. We put on the album and it was actually good, it had a nice paper cover and it was professionally produced. I remember asking Jacob how he got it to produce like that.
 Some time passed and it was winter. I was still with matt and Jacob and we were walking through the forest near my log cabin at night. We were walking next to the lake but instead of the normal forest view onto the lake, the walk to cabin was open so that you could see the entire lake. I looked up at the sky and saw pretty stars and clouds with a big red moon covered in fog. While we were walking, I saw a cloud that looked like the northern lights. I pointed it out to matt and Jacob. Matt made a sarcastic comment that indicated that the cloud was not the northern lights. "Hahah yeah guys look it's the northern lights!!" -total sarcasm. We kept walking and the sky was getting more beautiful as we moved further. I remember looking up at the sky and it being one of the prettiest sights I've ever seen. It was cloudy and nighttime, the clouds were perfectly aligned for a nice view. On top of that, there were these red lights flashing in the sky, the scenery was like what you would expect from a very scenic movie scene but experienced in real life and seemed totally natural to the setting.
 We eventually made it to the cabin. The log cabin was gold and had a doc which was long and wide that went across the water. In that doc there were 4 grandmas that were all wearing red coats and were 50 meters apart from each other. They were walking in a direct line towards the cabin. Eventually I heard someone scream, "Margret!" (my grandma's name) I looked back and it was my grandparents. I looked closer and saw that the old lady closest to the cabin was my grandma. My grandpa was yelling at her telling her to get inside the cabin. After the grannies left, a group of people came down to celebrate Christmas.
 Those people wanted to celebrate Christmas by playing mafia. I then remembered in the dream that 22 people had signed up for someone's Christmas closed mafia game, I didn't realise that many people would sign up so I didn't either, but in this dream I was sad I didn't get to play. The dream ended after that.

Nerd Idiot Wearing an FLCL Shirt (13 July 2020)
 I had a dream where there was some dude wearing a foolycooly shirt and i went up to him and told him it was a nice shirt. we talk for a bit and he asks me what other shows i like and i told him my favourite show was ping pong. he said the show was not that good. after that i started to hate the guy because he was acting like a big nerd idiot and he didnt like ping pong. he was just trying to argue and he was acting a bit snobby about it as well. [in response to Jacob's comment: "i bet it's because we were arguing in the chat"] maybe, you guys were in the dream as well though and it was at our high school. i just remember trying to befriend that guy because he had a flcl shirt but being dissapointed because he was a donkey and didnt like ping pong

Series of Backyard Interactions and Lobby Sleepover (15 July 2020)
 I had a dream where I was outside my backyard, My backyard was shaped like a rectangle, on one side there was a silver fence that was as tall as my chest, which covered a road. On the other side, there was either a park or more backyards, there was no fence covering it but I remember it being a grassy terrain. When I sat down there were only my roommates. I think I was drinking but I can't remember, it felt as though I was on some sort of substance though. Time past and a few other people showed up. They didn't walk over though it was more like they just appeared and were sitting down with me and the remainder of the people I was sitting with, it was as though they were invited to our backyard party but i don't remember it being a party, just more of a backyard hang out. The table that we were on was fairly large, around the size of a picnic table but nicer and in the shape of a hexagon. I was talking with a character from one piece who was sitting next to me, he's don xiox who's like a gangster character. He was reading manga. I asked him what he was reading, "utena," he said. I told him I watched that show but never read it. "Oh..." he responded. I looked up after talking to him for a few minutes and more people showed up. The people that showed up were a mixture of one piece characters (i can't remember any of my interactions with them anymore but there were some, I can't remember exactly which characters they were either). When talking to these new people I remember each person I talked to, I enjoyed my interaction with them or gained something new from them. Like some sort of happy emotion, or some piece of information that I shared with them. The conversations were interesting and engaging. The feeling I got from these conversations was the same euphoric feeling I got from winning a race. A lot of our talks involved anime or manga. And every time I finished a conversation with someone, more people appeared. At one point the table was full and there was a crowd surrounding the table, I remember introducing myself in front of some girls from the track team. I was about to talk to some other runners when my mom and grandpa were waving at me from across the fence. I was feeling good so I went to see them. They had a golf club and a big white one-piece manga volume for me. I was testing to see if the golf clubs were right or left-handed, I was picturing myself swinging the golf club and it is right-handed. But when I came back to reality (the dream) I realized i was swinging the club and it was left-handed. I was happy. My grandpa asked me if there was a golf range nearby and I told him "yeah, it was just a few blocks around the corner". (in my dream this was true, in reality, it is not). Anyways I went back to the group with my golf club and my big one-piece book and the people were gone. I decided to go inside to my apartment.
 I walked inside the building and the scene was exactly like a previous dream that I had. The "lobby" area of the building was crowded with students, it was not a very large building either. The building was horizontal like a mall, at the center of the building were pillars lined after each other, the pillars were made out of wood and inside them were stairs that lead you to your apartments. The inside of the building was also made out of wood. It was like a big cabin but it was an apartment building lobby. There was a search engine on each pillar in which you could look up your apartment. With my one piece book in my hand, I went up the first pillar with these people. The people were Asian and looked unfamiliar to me but they were trying to open the same apartment that I was in. I realized that I was in the wrong pillar and went back to the lobby area.
 I walked further to the 3rd pillar which was the staircase I needed to walk to get to my apartment. For some reason, I did not go up to my apartment, and there were students (kids my age) around me that we're not going up as well. (I believe its because we couldn't access the staircase but I don't remember or it just wasn't mentioned in my dream.) Anyways there were a decent amount of students in the lobby waiting around the 3rd pillar. There were seats and beds that people were laying on, most of them were tired of waiting so they were sleeping or laying down. I sat next to this one girl for a while, I was tired and realized i was leaning my head against her shoulder. I pulled away once I realized this and moved back to the edge of the bench. It was a circled bench that could move around (picture of bench down below for context), it wasn't that big. Anyways the girl I was sitting beside wasn't lying down like the others, she was sitting up. She started to pull the bench with her feet around the wooden tree that was the staircase up to our apartment. She was having fun and laughing. I was confused as to why this girl was energetic, but I played along with it and stayed on the bench for the ride.
 After a while, she stopped, and her friend was talking to her in french. She told her friend "why are you having fun with that guy" at this point in time it was as if we were flirting with each other and her friend was expressing her disapproval of it. She said in French that he was a masculine man and that was not hot. She said, "le masculin féminine est un real garçon." celui la c'est un masculin masculin" or something like that. The girl I was sitting with responded to her in a way that was defending her flirtatious behavior, also in french. They were both talking in french because they were trying to hide the fact that they were talking about me, I think they were a little bit younger than me as well in this dream so they were naive and didn't assume that I could understand everything that they were saying. The girl I was sitting next to left or went away or something, so I turned to her friend and smiled. She was confused. I spoke to her in french "mes tu n'aime pas le masculin? Pourquoi mademoiselle?" I said something along these lines, smiling and laughing at her knowing that I had the edge on her. She got super embarrassed and hit her hands against her bed that she was laying down on. "No no why!!!" she screamed, realizing that I could hear the two of them speak in French the entire time.

Show Turns Dark (21 July 2020)
 I had a dream the other day where my black friend (we'll call him jaden because he reminded me of jaden smith) was asking me to come to his show. it was at my high school caf. During the show he was getting different people from the croud to help him with his act, they each did some sort of show for the audience. then his sister (we'll call her willow) and her crew walked in, Jaden shouted out to willow on the microphone asking her to perform an act for him. She refused. Jaden was really happy and in a great mood, nothing could stop his positivity and confidence. He insisted that she had to perform and act. She refused again. Jaden wouldn't take no for an answer. he continued to ask and ask. at this point willow was getting kinda angry at him. one of her friends warned jaden to stop asking willow to perform. He kept on asking. willow then took out a gun and shot in the air. No one got hit at the feel of the dream was still happy. Jaden, still with full confidence, kept on asking her to perform. "stop this, please!" willow's friend said to jaden. she was screaming at him from the cafeteria window, (she was leaning on the window, half of her body was inside the kitchen area, the other half was in the eating area). Then willow shot again, aiming right at her friend. She fell down dead on the floor. The tone of the dreaam went from happy to very dark and scary. "i told you i didn't want to do it!" willow said to jaden. she then shot him. The people in the audience went wild, some were screaming, others ran away in fear, a lot of people hid behind chairs and tables. Willow was in a fit, she was shooting everyone she saw at this point. I was hiding in the kitchen area. I decided I had to get out so I ran outside the caf and escaped from the school through the back door next to the small gym. a few others were running with me, i recall one older guy with long brown hair running ahead of me and saying "wild shit!" while we escaped trhough the backdoor. it was weird how the dream went from being happy to super dark, that doesnt happen to me to regularly, if it at all.

Metarealities of Harry Potter (27 July 2020)

Harry potter themed dream

 I had a dream where I was in a harry potter world. I was Harry Potter. The first part of the dream was a long period of me trying to get to Hogwarts. I remember a few bits and pieces throughout this. I remember the dream started at my grandparent's house. I was Reilly then, during the dream I ended up traveling to Hogwarts In which I turned into Harry. I was with my Grandparents and I was back in my hometown. I texted you guys asking if you wanted to hangout. Our chat room was on snap chat in this dream and not discord. No one wanted to hang. It was pretty late. I had some weed in the form of Swedish berries that I wanted to eat but I'm not sure if I took one or not. My family and I were watching Harry Potter 1 on the top floor of my grandparent's room. I went downstairs to grab some snacks for the movie, I saw my mother and grandpa downstairs watching Harry Potter 4. They were watching the 4th movie because they had already seen the first 3.
 Hagrid came barging in and the next thing you know I was on my way to Hogwarts. I was Harry potter. But I was also aware of the fact that I was inside Jk Rowling's story. For example: on the way to Hogwarts, I remember wondering if our trip to Hogwarts would be like the second movie where we (I was Harry at this point) flew to Hogwarts in the flying car. But I could not make that happen or ask for it. I was still in an uncontrollable dream where I was subjected to events.
 While we were traveling to Hogwarts, we reached a point in a city with an old rundown building next to train tracks. Hagrid cast a spell inside the building. During this, I could hear JK rowling narrating the scene. The narration of JK Rowling went along the lines of this: "As some may now if you truly believe, Hogwarts will do something truly amazing" while Hagrid was using his flashing light magic from outside the building. (The narration of the scene was voiced by JK rowling.) It was as though I was in JK Rowling's mind while she was writing her book, looking through what she was thinking in her head of what the scene would be written down on paper.
 The next part of the dream is fairly linear and follows a sequence of events that is easier to understand. I was Harry Potter. I just landed in Hogwarts lake with everyone else for the school year. The lake we landed in reminded me faintly of my Grandpa's lake next to his log cabin. We were struggling to get out of the lake, I'm not certain about the specifics but I think we must have crash-landed into the lake because I was inside the water with Ron and Hermione, and we were on some type of wooden carriage holding all our stuff which reminded me of the back of a pick-up truck, but wooden and old. My luggage had fallen into the water. "Where's my weed?" I said. "You must say "Akio weed. Please!" (a-ki-oh is a spell in Harry Potter that brings shit to you) I said to the father figure of the wooden carriage we were on, I think it was Ron's dad. He didn't want to call for my weed because he didn't think he would be able to retrieve it since it was lost in the water. He gave in eventually and called out the spell. The only thing that came out of the water was the weed container, it was a yellow pouch, and inside of it was a white coffee filter, no Swedish berry weed edibles were found.
 The scene changed, We were walking in our dorms upstairs in the castle. The castle was not like the usual Hogwarts castle though. Our rooms were in a white-ish silver hallway. Our rooms were the same colour and reminded me of a cheap apartment building. I walked into a room with Ron and Hermione, they were setting up their beds. The room had two bunk beds which meant 4 people were allowed in the room. Along with Ron and Hermione, there were two others already setting up their beds. It was my roommate Mikey and my track friend Gavin. They told me that I had my room this year. I was pretty sad about this and felt lonely. I decided to go to the main lobby and socialize with people. "I am Harry Potter so it shouldn't be that hard to make friends here." I thought. While walking towards the lobby I looked into my weed stash and found my weed. It was under that damn coffee filter! I was pretty happy about that.
 I walked into the white lobby, a girl was sitting on a leather bench in the middle of the room and she was staring at me. The girl had light brown hair with a slim body and a round face. She was cute, heck, not bad for the chosen one. I walked up to her and we started to chat. We talked, flirted, and laughed. It was a good time. Then her boyfriend came in. "What was I thinking!" I thought. "I mean, who else could have been her boyfriend? Why wouldn't she have a boyfriend?" That hit me pretty hard but it was alright in the end.
 Some ugly chicks saw me flirting with the girl and they started to come around me and chat me up. I remember this one black chick who was ugly, then some white chick who looked like a giraffe. The giraffe girl went up to me from behind and asked me what my name was. I told her my name was Reilly. CRACK! I cracked. I knew I was Reilly deep inside but I was Harry Potter on the outside. I mean, Ron and Hermione were my real friends in this dream. but it felt as though I was lying to the people around me. And that saying my real name just exposed that I wasn't really harry. I felt nervous that the people around me would realise this fact. I looked over to the pretty girl, (who was still engaged in the group conversation) she didn't care much about what my name said. No one did. I think they all assumed I was trying to cover up my real identity (which was harry potter, and I was harry potter in this dream) but It was the opposite. I was just Reilly inside Harry Potter's body. We kept chatting for a while. I listened to the ugly girl's flirting with me for a while, I didn't return the flirts or purposefully add onto the conversation, but I listened to them, because I'm a nice guy, and probably felt lonely after realising the pretty girl was taken.
 After that, I went back to Ron's room. While walking back I realised that while I was talking to the people in the lobby area, I was not all "there". I was in a dream-like state. This did not make me realise I was in a dream it made me more convinced I was in reality. I thought that I realised how it felt to be in a dream-like state while being awake. I quickly rushed into the room to tell Ron about my discovery of being in a dream-like state while also being awake. But when I opened up their room they were busy dealing with a big bump that appeared in their wall. "Bloody Blimey harry! This bump is ginormous! It's hard sleeping in here with this thing, you know! It's a good thing you have your own room." Ron said in his English accent.
 The last part of the dream was me walking through the white hallway looking for my room. I remember wondering what they would name my room. ""Harry potter" would be the simple choice, would certainly be easy to find." I thought. My room name ended up being some weird shit called "the chosen one of the one who knows his name but does not" or something like that.
 I woke up super confused as well, took me a few moments to realise that this was all a dream.
 yeah i had a certain level of awareness in the dream which infulenced a lot of the events that happened but it just made me more confident that it was all real for some reason. i still not really sure how me being harry but also being myself played out in the dream, like i never doubted that i was harry potter but I also new i was reilly for some parts. it all made sense in the dream but i can't wrap my head around it now

Reasonable Worries Unheeded on a Road Trip (2 August 2020)
 I had a dream where I went back to my hometown with Jackson. We were at Olivier's house. I think and Jackson's brother was there. We were going somewhere with Jackson's brother. Olivier was going to come along with us, but his parents didn't let him. William stayed home because he had Covid. We went outside just the 3 of us. Me, Jackson and his brother. I assumed we were going back to my house, but they had two beds in the car for themselves. I didn't put mine in the car because I didn't think I needed it. We were driving outside, and it was nighttime. During our drive there was a huge werewolf chasing us. "Look out!" I said. They brushed it off. I kept on trying to warn them that if we hit that werewolf, we would all die. We eventually drove past it and at the end of the road there was some road crossing barriers where people had to analyze your car, kind of like a border you see when crossing from Canada to the us, but it was on grass and next to a forest, also no concrete buildings. We stopped off there and Jackson and his brother went out and said we were going to camp here for the night. I was confused, I didn't want to camp there. It was dark and raining, I didn't bring my bed, there was a wolf we saw earlier, and I just wanted to sleep at home. They were refusing, "bro come on, it's just one night" then I kept refusing their refusal. I forget the rest of the dream.

The Twins Try to Fuck My Roommate Instead of Me Three Years Later (7 August 2020)
 I had a dream where these two twins that i had a couple years ago were over and were trying to fuck myroomate instead of me. i keep getting cucked in my dreams man

Familiar Professors (1 September 2020)
 i had a dream yesterday where I was camping out close to a bushy area n the city, there was some professor there that was teaching every class, then she quit after i told her ben shapiro was a professor in the univeristy. She left to go attack him or something. then thomas's dad came in and was a new profesor, i told him I was gonna ce his class easy then he'll have to give me a good recomendation for a future job, he said his class would be tough then i realised he was probably right and i'd have to work hard to do good in his class. yeah it was weird. he reminded me of the coach from the chicago bulls

Long Sleep After Hanging Out at Thomas' (24 September 2020)
 Had a dream where I was at thomas's house, it was a Saturday and we were spending the day at his house. Most of the gang went back to their houses for dinner but me and Antoine stayed to played smash. After a while I decided to go home. I told them I would come back later. I went home then fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt super tired, but felt like I had slept for years. Turns out it was Wednesday. I felt so weird that I had slept for that long. Then I remembered being drugged by these people because was in a new city and people drugged me in these new cities. The dream was so weird to me because It felt super realistic made no sense to me during my dream. The whole time in my dream I was questioning how the fuck I slept for 4 entire days (it really felt like I had slept for that long in my dream) and then it seemed like my brain just had to give an answer that I could accept (being drugged). it was like i was half awake because my brain was using problem solving skills to figuring out why I was able to sleep for that long, but my answer just provided a narrative to the dream. like in my dream when i woke up from my nap it genuinely felt as though i slept for 4 whole days. it was very vivid, I woke up before the dream early in the morning and went back to bed, which part of the reason why i had the dream. there was also other aspects to the dream, like I was going on a train to a different city in one part, then another part i was biking down the mountains in a park I frequent. and thomas' house was like willy's house but it was in the park. for some reason everyone dipped to their own houses eat dinner but were coming back later, everyone went all the way back home from the park just to eat dinner and come back. it means i was closer to conciousness during my dream, likely to to the fact that i dreamt this right after waking up already and it being morning. also my covers were super warm which is probably why i felt well rested/warm after my 4 day sleep

Harry Potter's Corruption (30 September 2020)
 I had a dream where i was in the harry potter world but it was a dark and lowkey horror tone. Dumbledore was doing some bad shit to harry and we all thougt he was evil. After a while dumbledore dies, and I start to take the part of dumbledore for harry. I soon figure out some people are trying to curropt him and those guys are pretty damn scary. I rush towards Harry and try to talk him out of being curropted by the bad dudes. But its too late, when I call for him out of my window he jumps in and his face is covered with computer viruses, he was smiling and was about to kill me, it was very horrifying. I woke up after seeing Harry's face. yeah the bad guys got to him. no voldemort. I'm not sure if i felt this during the dream or just afterwards, but I realised that dumbledore probably did the bad things to protect harry from the bad guys, which made the bad guys even more scary because dumbledore was already pretty scary when he was alive

Jacob Breaks the Laws of COVID-19 (9 October 2020)
 I had a dream last night where I was in the dorohedoro world, everything was dark and run down, with big buildings etc. I was with Jacob and we were shooting the shit, there were other friends there too but I forget who they were and what they were doing exactly. I think William was there too but I don't remember. We were in this building and there was a high and thin business type building across from us where we were looking in. the building had an around 10 stories with each story being inhabited by a middle aged beurocratic businesswoman sitting on their desks. Jacob went over after I told him he'd better not because of covid. He went with William and they walked up to one of the top floors. They were hanging out in the lounge area and one of the middle-aged business girls confronted him saying he was not allowed to be here. William apologised and said they would be leaving, but Jacob was the opposite. He was answering her in rude mockery ways, I remember him saying something really stupid at one point in their encounter which made the woman call the cops. The next scene was me in the buildings looking at the tvs which showed Jacob in jail portraying him as another idiot teenager who was trespassing some property, to make matters worse, they found out he had Covid. The police and the news reporters were laughing at Jacob. "what a dumb kid". After that I was worried, I got Covid which lasted throughout the rest of the dream. I remember visiting Jacob in his jailcell and telling him he was an idiot for doing what he did but he assured himself he did nothing wrong and was just hanging in the jail cell. [to Jacob:] i think it was based off what you said yesterday about jimmy fallen. like how you would go on the show and say the word retarded. you said something like that in my dream to the lady and then you just got fucked by the laws in my world. you were a really mischievous in my dream

Joe Rogan's Grocery Store and the Huge Blunt (21 October 2020)
 I had a dream yesterday where I got really high. The dream started off in a grocery store downtown run by joe Rogan. It was a very busy day for the shop because there was some party going on in the city, like Canada day but it was never specified. Matt was an employee at the shop. He was supposed to be working that day, but he was being a donkey and skipped out on work. Joe Rogan was really mad at him and was trying to get a hold of him. Eventually matt showed up even though he didn't want to work. He was on mushrooms and was working pretty poorly and fucking shit up. (sorry matt I swear don't see you like this person IRL) Afterwards the setting changed, I was travelling through the bus routes with my roommate Braydon and we were going to go party. When we were waiting for the bus there was a big group of students hanging out and partying in the grass. I met up with his girl that I knew, and she was smoking some weed and shared it with us. The weed that she gave us was a huge blunt, it was the size of my three fingers combined and I took a big hit and got really high. The rest of the dream was me feeling high around my roommate, this girl, and some other people we met up with. We rode around town on the bus and it was nighttime. Eventually I woke up in the middle of the dream to use the washroom. When I got back the dream continued but this time, we were hanging out in my room smoking weed.

Jacob as a Retired Melee Player (16 November 2020)
 i had a dream where jacob was a retired melee player. he was really good at melee but didn't want to persue it competitvely because he thought the lan scene was clustered and not asthetically pleasing

Two Chases and Roommates in Nice Suits (16 November 2020)
 I had a dream where i was living downtown in my hometown but with my one roomate here in guelph. i was outside with my roomate and another friend and there were animals. some bears came and tried to kill us so i sprinted back to my house and tried to get back into my room, but my room was in the attick and the only way to get up there was through this very small squared door on the celing. my friend made it in after me but said that he had to leave our other friend to die from the bears. in that same dream i was biking outside in a big parking lot/road thingy area and i met up with my roomate and his friend, they were wearing nice suits and with a beautiful asian lady. i talked to them fora bit and then continued biking, i was biking away from these weird creeper thingies that had really tall mechanical legs, they were like a landmine if i biked ontop of them they would spawn and go around chacing me and killing others. I then went biking up onto this ramp/bride thingy, i biked around it and it lead me to a dead end and got super close to falling off the bridge to my death. I kept biked around and spawned more creapers and they were killing a lot of people. I then met with my other roomate and his friend who was also with a girl who looked like a model. they were all looking nice and wearing suits. I hung out with them for a while in their appartment and smoked some of my roomate's friend's drug. once i smoked it i realised i had broken my november challenge and woke up shortly after

Lost Loses Its Vision (30 November 2020)
 had a dream last night about lost where it was the end of season 2, jack and sawyer from were trying to kill a crocodile for the fun of it. They ended up getting killed by the crocodile instead and I got really upset about them dying because they were the main characters in the show, and it was only season 2. Then season 3 started and it was really wacky. We all got off the island and we were in some town with weird shit going on. There was a Thomas the choo choo train army that we had to fight and just a bunch of weird shit. I was mad because the vision of the show was lost, and it was a completely different show that season 1. There was no mystery, all the characters died, and they weren't even on the damn island anymore. It was just an all-out war against these animated creatures that came to life like the Thomas the choo train army and we had to fight them. It was horrifying. Thankfully I woke up and realized it was all a dream.
 Note about animated creatures: they were really big and instead of them being a train it was like a picture of Thomas the train on a big piece of wood but he could manipulate his face and body

Shonen Anime Tournament with Mafia gg Players (4 December 2020)
 I was in a world that reminded me of some Shonen anime but in real life. It was just at sunset and lavender ( player) was hosting a Shonen battle tournament. In this dream, I was the bad guy. I was with some other fat dude and we just got obliterated by the guys on the other team. I remember GDK (other player) was on the other team and something happened with them.

Tricky Path to the Bathroom / Wild Visits (8 December 2020)
 Big dream on a nap after my stats exam, I forget it. I also dreamt I was in this restaurant and had to go the restroom in the back. I followed these wooden staircases up to a wooden path near the celling of the restaurant. It led me to the women's bathroom and there were people following me who got disappointed that the men's bathroom wasn't there. I then walked down the stairs and they shifted directions like in harry potter. While walking down I saw this girl who was looking at me and smiling, I smiled back. In this dream I was high as a kite, I was scared as fuck that I was going to fall from the narrow wooden path because I was high and didn't have the best control of myself. When I got to the women's bathroom, I felt relieved that I didn't half to walk any further but then when I saw that it wasn't the men's I was like "shiii"
 I just remembered the big dream. Hehe. It was wild. I was in my house. Cam and his buddies came over. Cam was just like he was In real life, but he brought over some of his friends which I had never seen before. There was this one dude who looked like the other cam (cam's roommate) but he was like an alter-ego version of him. Instead of being quiet and conservative in his speech, he was loud, abrasive and playful. He came on the couch and just spoke hard truths. I forget exactly what he was saying but I remember enjoying his presence in some way. Anyways he went upstairs after a while. (the upstairs had a meaning in my dream, I'm not sure what yet). There were other people in my house. At one point I remember seeing a person on my couch whose gender I couldn't exactly identify but seemed sort of like a cute girl. They were with another person like them who was overweight and was not attractive. They were trying to get with the cute girl. The ugly one hugged the cute one on the couch, but the cute one was trying to push them away, not enjoying their presence. There was also another one there, I forget if they were like them or not. They were probably more masculine and not as cute as the other one but weren't fat; they were just part of the group of three. All of these three people had round faces, black hair, and white shirts if I recall correctly, they looked very similar. They all had the same pale white face. There was also this half black, half Indian girl who looked like that one girl from the lost but shorter and had more weight to her. (but not fat). She was acting cool and composed and had some relation to cam and cam's friend (the other cam's alter ego). She started talking to me because she was sitting closest to me. I forget most of the conversation but eventually she asked me if I had sex before. I answered honestly. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this but my grandma and uncle showed up as well and were around me. My grandma was kind of acting like a person of guidance in my dream. She told me to not answer the girl's question when she asked me if I had sex before, but I answered anyways. "you probably shouldn't have done that" my grandma to me. The girl replied to me saying "that makes sense, but you could probably have sex if you wanted to" or something along the lines of that. Not exactly sure. After a little while she left as well. This time she went to the garage, and cam's alter ego was also in the garage at that time so she went to go see him. After that my uncle started talking to me. I forget what he said but as the conversation went on I just wanted him to head out. He kept on talking awkwardly and eventually I just strait up told him to stop acting so fucking weird and to get out of my house. He got mad and didn't like that but I told him to leave so he did.(this next part isn't exactly how it happened but I forget the events exactly so here's a rough estimate of what happened) I walked him and my grandma to the door and he pulled out a gun. He was really mad and tried to kill me. I remember knocking on the garage door so that the girl and dude inside would come out and help. They don't help so we go back inside. I forget what happens after that but somehow Kevin ends up going to some place with the people, they all actually have guns and the final scene that I remember is Kevin and the group coming back and going upstairs. The upstairs was pretty cool and had some tattoos and shit. Idk it was weird; this isn't exactly how it happened.

Lost Back Home / Bully in a Picture (12 December 2020)
 I had a dream last night where I came back to my hometown. I didn't have a place to go to so I went to my high school caff. I got my lunch there and went to find a spot to sit down at. I walked past a few tables and I could recognize a few people that I knew from high school. I tried to sit down with them, but they didn't want to. I tried a few more tables but no one wanted to sit with me. Feeling depressed and lonely I went to find myself a job. I know I said I went back to my hometown but the city I was in felt foreign to me. It felt like that because I had no place to go. I was at this construction site and just standing there while some people do a little bit of work. They told me I had a job there, but I was confused because all I was doing was standing there and it seemed as though not much work was getting done. They told me that the construction process is actually very slow, and that when you are a beginner you don't have to do a lot of work. I started to work very slowly on some projects with some other new guy that was there. We became friends. The day went buy and it felt good actually getting work done. I remember after work I was looking at some places that I could live in. I don't know exactly how it happened, but I stumbled upon this picture of a road with snow on it. It was bright blue. My friend commented about it. He mentioned something along the lines of "oh look there's a dude there, I wonder what the heck is he doing, he looks like a loser" and was kind of laughing.
 After that the scene changed. I wasn't myself anymore, I was the guy inside the picture. I was wearing a coat and was in a park in the wintertime. There were some kids playing at the park and I went over and started to tease them. I touched their faces and told them some nasty things. Some events passed which I forget. I was now sitting down at this bench and some short dark half Asian girl came up to me. She was mad about something. I think it as that I killed one of the kids, and that kid happened to be her younger brother or something. She wanted vengeance and had a cold look in her eyes. Then she killed me. (in this dream, the guy didn't really care about killing the kid, or that he didn't realise it was bad.)

Call from Faye Valentine / Hollywood Player / Track Event and Drugs (31 December 2020)
 I had a dream where I was with my dad on a camping trip. We were hiking on a cliff around a lake. I remember getting a call from the girl from cowboy bebop, she was going to come. Im not sure if she was going to come fuck me or my dad but it was something like that. Some other things happened, I think my cousins were there too or something.
 The scene changed. I was looking at a scene of this actor dude and his actor buddies, in front of his huge rich house in Hollywood. Some chick drove up to the front of his house and was mad about something, the actor guy didn't care much about her deal. He just took her and kissed her, then the lady stopped being mad and kind of enjoyed the kiss. She then drove off and didn't really want to admit she liked the kiss.
 I had another dream where I did some weed. I was at my mom's house back home and there was some track event going on. I went to the track event and there were some of my old track teammates doing some events. I watched for a bit then went back. I did weed then, I think. After that the scene changed and I was in a house with my roommates. The house reminded me more of like a log cabin and in there I did some lsd. Was wack.

Suspicious Mafia gg Player (3 January 2021)
 Had a dream I was in a house with my cousins and ggnore ( dude), ggnore was doing some suspicious shit with some of my girl cousins and my uncle was getting pissed at him.

Coronavirus Olympics (4 January 2021)
 Had a dream where I was at the Olympics and was running in the 5k. It was Covid so there was barely any competition there. I remember being in the lead for the last lap but there was some clown runner guy there who was taking up a lot of space in my run. I got mad af and eventually had to waste a lot of time getting around him. I remember Asbel Kiprop (pro runner guy) beating me because of that.

Hanging Out with Digibro (12 January 2021)
 I had a dream where I was watching the hunter x hunter movie at Digibro's apartment. He explained to me that he thought it was a slow paced. I thought the movie was great tbh. I remember explaining to him that hunter x hunter was good. That the narrative was amazing, I explained to him that York new city arc was great because there's a bunch of chest pieces put in place and they all go up against each other and clash. I said it in a super excited way, and he started laughing his ass off. We then went to his neighbours who was old. His apartment looked as though he lived in a office filled with cubicles and that he was working. We then went back to Digibro's place and there were people who was stealing our phones. The people were old people from our high school. I got mad and tried to get them back. I took my phone back and asked them wtf they were doing. They didn't care about what I said though they kept on stealing shit. I told them I legit was friends with them and I knew them, but they didn't care, they fully embraced evil and kept on causing havoc in the apartment and trashing it up. I felt powerless.