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Dream Archive — Thomas

(8 July 2020)
 I had a dream my girlfriend and I had an apartment in NYC and a popular girl from our high school, who moved to NYC to pursue a career in modelling stayed in the same building as us but she was really friendly and nice instead of how I remember her. The three of us met in the elevator and she was just very nice to us. I remember her showing us her apartment, for which the door was on a corner, instead of on a flat wall, and there being lots of windows inside of it. Girlfriend and I had groceries, but they were in unwieldy paper bags.

(10 July 2020)
 I rarely remember my dreams. I often have dreams set in my old elementary school though when I do. In particular one hallway that led to the gym, which connected two different sections of the school and was well lit by a few windows that were too high up to see out of. We used to walk down the hallway in order to go outside for recess, and it also led to the section of the school where the library and computer labs were.

Ant and Spider Infestations at a Basecamp in South Africa (15 July 2020)
 I had a dream there was a huge ant infestation in my house (it was my normal house, but also it was a basecamp for some expedition in South Africa). The camp was located in a desert-like area with some plants growing but mostly dirt and rocks. It was basically a trailer, but on the inside, it was my usual house interior, although messier from sand and dirt. I was looking in my closet to find something to solve the ant issue, and in there I found a spider infestation, which was even worse than the ants. I panicked and didn't tell anyone else about the spiders because they were all so worried about the ants, instead just closing the closet and resolving to fix it later when less people were around. Actually, in the dream it wasn't too scary, I was just hoping to find a solution. All the bugs moved really fast like the little black things in Totoro. This sort expedition was a recurring dream location over a couple of nights. I remember a different dream vaguely similar when we had arrived at the basecamp and had been flying there over snowy mountains in a helicopter.

(24 July 2020)
 I had a dream last night that Cineplex shut down and I was devastated. I didn't know where to bring my girlfriend on dates and I was sad I would never be able to bring my kids there. And then I remember I was standing in the parking lot as a crane lifted up the whole distinctive blue corner of the theatre off, with the Cineplex letters, and I shed a tear because I'd been there since I was a boy. It was also very sunny that day and it kind of felt like the parking lot was also a desert, if I remember correctly there was sand blowing across and the sun was setting in cliché western style behind the scene of the crane and the building.

School Shooter to Hero? (8 October 2020)
 I had a dream that I was a school shooter. I was walking to my high school to shoot some people (walking from the direction of the forest/park) and I was presumably armed. As I was walking to the front of the school, when I was on that straight piece of road where the busses all parked next to the outside of the petit gym, I heard gunshots. I immediately ran away into the hospital parking lot to my right, hiding in a grassy ditch somewhere at the end of it. As it turns out, as someone else who was running away told me this guy who is an ex-student of the high school, and now a SoundCloud rapper, was shooting up the school himself. The person hiding with me saw that I myself had a handgun, and immediately hailed me as a rescuer sneaking in to take him down. I figured it was a good way to cover up my sinister plan, so in the end I spot the guy walking around the school, and I walk up and shoot him in the back. As I'm walking away, pretty rattled, the person that thought I was there to take him down in the first place says "I know what you did", which I assumed was about the fact that I intended originally to shoot up the school. In fear I immediately run away, and move into a house, which is on the way to the community center, located off a bike path hidden in a secret forest, but it is also a community center of its own. A few times the media (namely a local news company) catches wind of my life saving actions and wants to interview me, but out of fear of them finding out that I am actually a school shooter myself, I never accept. I grow old at the house there and there's basically a summer camp there that I run, but many of the children are my own. I always keep my gun hidden in the freezer at the house, where no kids are allowed, and as far as I know nobody ever finds out. I'm kind of like a weird, lonely monk living in the attic of the house, and during the day I spend my time (without pay) helping the center run. It's a weird irony where I end up shooting another school shooter and kinda get off the hook, but feel guilty and scared of getting caught forever. I rarely ever have violent dreams like that or anything of the sort. I wonder if school shooting dreams are common. I don't think I ever think about shootings for real, like it only comes to my attention via tv/internet.

(20 October 2020)
 I had a dream I was in a sort of elementary school with all the people from this chat. There was a dodgeball game, but everyone was standing on one same side. On the time I specifically remember Jackson was there, and he was clearly my best friend in the school. There was also my current girlfriend, who, in the dream, was a girl I had a crush on, but we weren't dating, just friends. I came out of the changing rooms with poop in my left hand and was trying to get Jackson to smell it and he was laughing and running away from me. For some reason the school was also a military base, and William (who is in the military) was with us there, looking forward to the arrival of six soldiers there to do some military training with. Part way through the dodgeball game we all looked out the big windows on the left and saw a car dropping off the six soldiers with big camouflage suitcases. I told William and he celebrated a LOT. He was really happy. I know Jacob was in it for sure, he may have been in the dodgeball game too but I can't say.
 It was weird we were in this constant state of getting ready for the dodgeball game. Like most of the dream we were just sitting around on one side of this large gym just hanging out on the bleachers. My girlfriend was sitting on the same bench pretty far down. I remember looking at her and she smiled at me and I got shy. I think I just kept bugging Jackson after with my shit hand.

Neverending Drumkit Preparation for High School Performance (15 January 2021)
 I had a dream I was preparing for a show at my old high school. A concert sort of thing was being put on and I was performing with Simon and Martin. I had to get my drum kit all set up, as the curtains had closed to allow us to get into position on stage, but the drums kept falling out of place, and I couldn't seem to get them to sit right in front of me without something falling or going wrong. What's more, there were like extra pieces to my drumkit I hadn't seen before and was confused where they should be going, and my bass drum was upside down every time I tried to play it. Eventually I sort of realized, in a semi-lucid state, how ridiculous all of this was, and distinctly remember thinking to myself that I wanted the dream to move past this part so I could see how my performance would go, but I could not for the life of me seem to convince the rest of my brain to get there. Daniel just kept trying to help me get drums working and they just could not seem to make sense. In the end the dream ended before I could see how my performance went, which is unfortunate.