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Funny Man's Curse — Lyrics

I Love Pizza

I hate pizza [x2]
I hate pepperoni
And I hate pizza
It's gross! [x2]

Bon McDonald Freestyle

SwaggyHajj, Matt, yeah, SwaggyHajj, Matt [x2]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, what's up with that?
SwaggyHajj, Matt, SwaggyHajj, Matt

I have twenty dollars
Yeah, I'm a baller

J'aime ça, le McDo
Holler to Mononc', you know
I'm radiant, I'm solar
In the winter, getting colder

Woah [x8]

Spending dollars at McDonald's, I go Mac on Mac on Mac
Esti, c'est bon, McDonald, oui, c'est bon en tabarnak
William Québecois, yeah, Têtes à claques (yeah)
I'm with SwaggyHajj, on the attack

Woah [x4]

Yo, Hajj on the beat right now
Got shorties on my dick right now
Heading out to McDonald's with the boys
Yeah, I got shorties, and they askin' 'bout my toys
You know how I do
I go to McDonald's Drive-Thru
Get chicken burgers at the window
Shortie be talking me up like, "What's good?"
You know me, I'm SwaggyHajj
Rap and make YouTube videos
All the girls ask me out, but I say no
I'd rather eat chicken burgers with my bros and go,
"Mmm! C'est bon! C'est bon! C'est bon!"


Squeeze to squeak
Light grey sidewalk scrape
Winter wipes the slate
Snow cloak
A hidden joke
Jack in the box

Hanging out at the rail
On a quiet day
Stooped on the stairs

Skate around
Tour the town
Clown and crown
Yellow arches
Off the ramp in an arch into splatter
No matter

Visit the Information Center
At the origin
Deposit the ground code scroll
Get directions

Ghost stream dream washes over
Blanket, blinding light, blankness

Somewhere, the deconstructor's jailed off
Horizontal black-and-white striped uniform
Prisoners band together
For their escape to the ocean
Locked behind bars

Skate around
Tour the town
Clown and crown
Yellow arches
Off the ramp in an arch into splatter
No matter

Cosmic Gatorade Chant

Yo, I be drinking Gatorade [x3]


Chemical Combo Pool

Clear crystal snow symmetrical
Red colony bus station squeeze
Electrical configuration
Alienated surf singalong

In the white winter clear air
Clean and fresh, shortcomings
Late again by dry concrete
Focus on the sky
Guiltless in the sparse clouds

Ketchup sugar grinding head
Cool mint-flavoured fluoride wash

Exposed cold-coloured liquids
Chemical combinations
With the pool in containment
Interactive energies
Finding the hidden keys
Burned out in a lab coat
Power nap under the desk
Flasks at aquamarine floors
Mezzanine path guardrails

Emergency evacuation
Alarm alert error exit red

Puzzle combo pop record
Puzzled at the outcome

Yellow Fire

Around a dark yellow fire in a pitch black void
He has me by the neck, in a struggle,
Playing with me in his lap
He casts his veil
The agent of change

Hermetic study in comfort and fraternity
Expansive library
Focused imagination of celestial circuits, rotating planets
The toys break apart
Just another one of his tricks

Cross-legged in the gymnasium with my peers
Just as I'd attained peace,
One of their faces distorted
And I heard a horrifying noise
The colours shifted again
Just another one of his illusions

Funny Man's Curse

I guess that's just funny man's curse... [x2]

I went up to this guy, I pointed at his tie
He looked down at my finger, and I flicked his nose
Then he yelled at me, now I'm morose
Back in the day, they used to make fun of my clothes
"Pantalon trois-quarts", as if it's what I chose
Gross incompetence, got no accomplishments
Friends call me the omnibus, but I roll anonymous

Just looked down, my shoelaces are untied
Then I looked up and I got pied
I laugh and I smile, but I'm really faking
They ask me if I'm joshing, when I swear I'm drakeing

Man! They don't understand!
I'm a killer, I kill people, I'm literally a killer, I murder people, I'm a killer, I will kill you
Murder, murder, murder

Shoutout Gryj, one with the star people
In the Christian chat, I joined Devil Gang and turned evil

On walks, I swing branches and throw rocks
Bring them back to the block to smash all the clocks
In the middle of the road because I don't follow the code
They just run me over like a bug through a lawnmower

Damn, this shit's the worst
But I guess that's just funny man's curse

I Support Arson

I support arson
Hot like Brie Larson
My cum's like poison, ricin
Lost in the sweet sauce like hoison
Moo like bison
All this noise in the game, got my eyes like koi fish
Find me in the club, crying like I'm Carson
Cave your knee caps in
Jesus died for your shins,
But I will still break them
I got hoes like toes: ten lined up, and I can't shake them

Take in all the scenery
Head back to the greenery
Yeah, that's the refinery
I engage in thievery
Please don't be mean to me
I operate machinery
Hypnotize with sorcery

I was going through the motions
I was flowing through the ocean
I was brewing dirty potions
I was dividing to quotients, that's math

Yeah, I did math at the back of the class
Gave them ten pages in a day
And I got an A plus plus back
Whatchu think 'bout that?
Just another knife in my back

I'm a cool guy but I can cast
Fire, I'm a mage
Fool, I'm a sage
Find my way out of every cage
I'm a writer, my lines jump out of the page
Fire, wave

That was my wand in your face
Cum on your face
Pénis rouge engonflé
Keep it out of your eye or you will die
Because it is poison
As previously mentioned
Comme une mongolfière, hot air to ascension
I escaped detention
With the help of my secret cafeteria table faction
Extended groupchat distraction
I support arson, action, ash

I Hate the Bus

Bus, bus, bus, bus
Every day gets better when we ride the bus
It's so cold, it's like escape on the bus [x2]
And it brings us places, you know, 'cause it's a bus
It's a bus, it's a bus

Vroom, vroom, vroom, it's a bus
Let's cross town, go around and around like the wheels on the bus
Fuck Greyhound, OC Transpo's in town, OC Transpo's in town
Fuck Greyhound, OC Transpo's the new dog in town, the new dog in town
Bus, bus, bus, bus [x3]

Icicles are like knives outside,
But they're not on the bus, they're not on the bus
Icicles are like knives outside,
But they're not on the bus
It's really hot, it's really loud on the bus
That's not cool, but it brings me to school
'Cause it's the bus, that kinda sucks,
But it's the bus, yeah, the bus
I love the bus, I love the bus
It's so hot on the bus
And it's loud on the bus
But it protects me from the icicles that are like daggers outside
It's the bus

Vroom, vroom, vroom
Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom
Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff
Meow, meow, meow, meow