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Miscellaneous MS Paint drawings

Amazing (2019): My first MS Paint saved file. A young office worker.
Truth of Reality (2019): I pulled the middle image from a webpage on the history of Indiana University fires and only noticed the face in the fire afterwards. The other picture is a screenshot of a video of the Pullman clock tower fire.
Clock Tower Fire (2019): Another well-framed shot of the Pullman clock tower fire, from the same video, a fireman standing at a distance as it's being hosed down.
White Bathroom (2019): The image of blood on white bathroom tiles I think comes from the first Saw movie. My upstairs bathroom's shower has new white tiles and I was scared I might slip in it when I was sleep-deprived.
Wasteland (2019): A strange-looking character travelling the dunes of a distant planet.
Symbols and Approaching Void (2019): I drew this in a relaxed state the one time coming down from smoking very strong marijuana in the forest with Jackson. I also wrote a song sharing almost the same title.
Woods Traveler (2019): Continued forest exploration. My cousin had a small mesh table at his secret spot in the forest by his rural home.
Gold Machines, Grey Mountains (2019): Travelling swordsman. Old machines, Precursor artifacts.
Science Lab (2019): Hidden grey machine operations.
Beach (2019): Organized shapes of a simple beach. I might smile if I ever saw such a silly character.
Crisscross Fence Lines at Sunset (2019): Lines of transmission towers across grass fields. Dull feeling.
Tool Apparition over Bright Colours (2019): Blood-stained metal instruments appearing in daylit rooms, regular everyday places. In transdimensional space with energy figure. Sour popsicles...
Service (2019): A girl at the service counter of a theatre with a neon arcade carpet. Buttery popcorn...
Devilman (2019): He's holding his hands together behind sharp red strings that slice.
Downtrodden Downtown Relief (2019): As in geographical relief. The shapes remind me of the diagrams we were shown in class. Trotting downhill past the short small buildings of an obscure city area.
Protruding Parasol at Old Beach (2019): She puts on her sundress to go to the beach on a spring day. There are tall driftwood structures to try to climb.
Mage (2020): Young learned magic-caster of the forest in purple garbs, eminating forces of earth. Variations: Light | Dark
It's Annihilation (2020): Toxicity across the bridge. Stars. Eyes of other; figures in the apartment buildings. I made this image in Flash during quarantine, after writing my activity log; I sketched its outline in Paint. It was an idea for an album cover. The title is the lyric from Solid Silk.
Alien Bug Approaches Eyeball Plant (2020): In its homeworld, a member of an alien bug species displaces itself at closer proximity to a bloomed eyeball plant at a stone construction, under a hot sun.
Scientist Concept (2022): "Theory" as in a tool to predict and control the future. "Concept" as an adaptive mental program installed to initiate modes of becoming by means of play. Scientists may aim to discover knowledge (differentiation of phenomena) and understanding (reconciliation of knowledge) of the world, or theorize and experiment.
 I theorized that I could more easily explore and study fields of science by making a comic conceptualizing a type of scientist; both activities would inform each other. By tuning into the mode of my concept of a scientist, I may discover new paths of experience and becoming.
 Unlike many scientists, this character does not aim to modify living conditions. Her work does not affect society at large. She only aims to transform her own world through her work. She aims to experience clear, high-level thought without introspection or self-concern. She exercises focus and coldness to access sterile, isolated areas. Pages: initial | laboratory area | elaboration
Pacific Nectar (2023): Based off the first of three notable food experiences I had with William by the end of summer 2023:
 (1) Pacific nectar and hummingbird windchimes in the solarium. Seagulls flew around over the Walmart. A new young family travelling from British Columbia by van, with curtains set up for privacy.
 (2) I drank xylitol swallow nest beverage at the park. It was sunny and the wind was blowing cool. An old woman was playing bagpipes at the chess table. A dual rotor helicopter flew by and William named it and told me that it was only used for operation purposes.
 (3) I had a Big Mac for the first time and it was a green burger. Sick burger of snot and vomit. It was an alien burger. It was a Gumby-Goes-to-the-Moon burger.
Dark Angel (2023): A drawing of an angel with black-feathered wings praying over a red magic circle I made in accompaniment with an instrumental I wrote for a part of a song. I don't know what the symbols mean if anything; just random.
Frills at Castle (2024): Violent borders to protect the aristocrats as the sky smiles down upon them.
Initiator (2024): Research on plazas, rebellious initiation, and alien perception.

Avery comics

The Formation (2017-2020): Ten-page light novel sort of thing comprised of the first drawings I made of the characters in their early development and some text written later to tell the story I had planned. This isn't really the origin story; it's the original work from which the characters were formed, hence its title. An imagined encounter with a rock star and disengagement from university lifestyles motivate him to search a dormitory building for friendship. Pages: front cover | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | end slate
Character Page (2019): Early designs and ideas for characters. Cold One and the Dead Dog in the middle were sketched at the end of the semester. I wasn't planning on showing these drawings to anyone, and they're not really suitable references.
Avery Sells Herself Short (2019): This is the first real Avery comic. She reveals something personal about herself and her peers' dismissal sends her spiraling into negative thoughts. Featuring a brief appearance from the fox fellow. I scribbled it into the paper fast and forcefully in a fevered state, so please be nice to her!
Organization of Cardboard Boxes (2019): I was just practicing sketching them and then added text and a facescape of the dead. Another early drawing I had not intended to show.
Looking Outwards to the Junktower (2019): Promotional material for Parasol. Avery has trouble finding a forward path. The pictures I added are from There happened to be a forty-foot junk tower located in New York. I was imagining a place like it but in my city, and there it was, there. I like reminiscing, and it tends to help me figure out what I want to do later. The rooftop cities look futuristic because of all their shiny metal parts, the turbine ventilator in action revolving. Remember Sly Cooper going around breaking them and antennas and chimneys?
No Respect Shirt (2019): In twelfth grade math class, I would sit next to E-man during group work time and do my own version of the "no respect" bit where I'd repeat in a New York accent, "I can't catch a break". I gave myself a name, something like "Clyde Tangerine".
Peace Symbol Shirt (2019): Second shirt saga installment. A trip to the shopping mall (subdivision clothing store). I thought he looked funny in that outfit.
A Trip to the Library (2019): Hard-hitting social commentary on books.
Ice Slide Nice (2019): A world created from a specific place, out of boredom or awe, encased to imagine. Those pictures weren't taken by me. I especially like the top one; the stairrailing looks like a lightning bolt. The blue building's reflection in the glass box. Different perspectives.
Misery (2020): The damn office boss yelled at me again.

Miscellaneous pictures

CyberHajj (2020): Screenshot of Matt modeling sample ideas of high tech add-ons as reference for the planning of the construction of a combat robot.
Monument Hajj 1826 (2020): Pictured: Two young and promising architects pose in front of what is believed to be the first monument built amongst two different-colored men in the 19th century. John McCann (pictured left) celebrates alongside Mohammed Ibrahim El-Hajj (pictured right) as the two conclude their work. Beginning in 1824, the structure took its stand in Boston, Massachusetts after 18 grueling months of work, concluding 1826. The monument was later named Monument Hajj as the Arab passed away days later in a Boston hospital. The tower's name was changed at a later date to The Statue of White due to the fact Americans found it "weird" and "dangerous". -Matthew

Photographic novels

Jackson's Garden Adventure (2020): A quiet, yet adventurous young man manages his indoor garden and interacts with his friends. Jackson's burst onto the fashion scene? Chapters: 1 | 2 | Video episodes: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3
Nomad Survival Picture Adventure (2021): Minecraft is a game I always loved but I never found a fun way to keep playing on the same world. Then I understood my preferred game play : travelling and never settling down. Exploring new areas and discovering the unknown. Being sedentary gets boring so I decided to become a Nomad, travelling the land and going where the wind takes me. Hope you enjoy my adventures! -William. Parts: 1 | 2 | 3
Hardcore Survival Picture Adventure (2021): Minecraft is often called an easy game. But that's because they don't know that there exists a challenge reserved for the most experienced of veterans, the hardest challenge this game has to offer : HARDCORE MODE. If you die, you lose your world. Game over. And it's locked on the hardest difficulty. I intend to play for as long as I can until I meet my untimely demise. Wish me luck out there! I will surely need it... -William. Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6