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Devil Gang
Cyber Sex
Night Owl's Wisdom


The Sandwich (2012): A rocket prevents a boy from accessing a sandwich. Then a divine lightforce intervenes to his favor. This is my first completed animation. The lines are very messy. I wasn't aware of the alpha modifier, so I had to work around it.
Jimmy (2013-2014): Uncompleted opening point-and-click dream game from middle school. A boy in a world of earth and sky. Most projects I put serious effort into at the time, considering my circumstances, were too ambitious to be completed at my level of skill and discipline. Versions: 1 | 2 | 3
Ecstasy (2013): Another animation about a sandwich. An angry man is presented with one; he inhales it and experiences ecstasy, riding a turtle through rainbow space.
Super Stupid Animation Compilation (2013): I enjoyed flash movies and games with menus to explore, and so applied the idea to three slapstick shorts I'd made from 2012 and 2013. Explosion was a collaboration between my cousin and me. He drew the guy on the right. A rectangle-headed stick figure throws a rock at a fancy man, causing a massive explosion. EAT: Revamped was a recreation of the original EAT. A large-hearded stick figure swallows a regular one whole. In Punch, a ninja stick figure punches an unassuming man to the groud and looks out to a field of his carnage. The sound effects seem to be buggy; the punch animation can be viewed uninterrupted in the commentary.
Foot: Da Game (2014): A foolish, yet violent half foot, half green man encounters a so-called doctor, a hateful fat man, and a deep hole. A collaboration between my cousin and me.
The Snake and the Mick (2018): A snake enters the pants of an unassuming man, causing them pain. He then inspects the window of a building and sees a boy looking back. I made this to test how well I could animate basic motions now that I was older and more familiar with the art.