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Main series

Notes (2018-2021): Album 0. An uncompleted collection of old and new recordings of almost every song I wrote from eighth grade onward that didn't make other albums. Songs which appear on other albums only appear here as early demos if at all. With new lyrics or arrangements sometimes; the structures and chords stayed the same, unless I had to patch a memory hole. For archival purposes, so widely varying levels of effort invested. Tracks 1-19: Eighth Grade Songs (album cover before combination). Tracks 20 onward: Ninth Grade Songs (current album cover)

Daytime Moon (2018): Album 1. Grade ten and the summer before it. Album page | lyrics

Albums by Two Cats

No Bikes in the Building (2017): Fun in the furnace room with Jackson over the summer of 2017. Recorded entirely with his phone.

Theatre (2020): Album 4.5. Tracks 1-19: Side Grey, Jackson's. Tracks 20-38: Side Colour, mine. Jackson and I recorded this album over two years, starting from our first term of university. It deals with the modern life of a student from a variety of perspectives and genres, in brief windows. Most of anything, it's vaporwave. Its sister album has yet to be recorded. Lyrics

Albums by Cloud Nine Revolutionary Group

Cloud Nine Revolutionary Group (2021): Spring and summer of 2020 from the joint perspectives of our groupchat. I was researching Evangelion. I told Thomas I would rap over his seashanty beat if he made a beat sampling the Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtrack. He continued making beats sampling it, Jackson joined in, and I started conceptualizing a group work surrounding our spontaneous interactions. Hip hop was the easiest way to make music together. Tracks 9 to 12 were inspired by a sunny trip to Reilly's college house in Guelph. Lyrics | desciptions of each member to accompany the album

Y2K Expansion (2021): Some events mostly occurring after those of the self-titled C9RG album until summer 2021, expanding upon it in particular directions. Tracks 4 and 6 were intended for Jackson's second album, but included because of their suitability. Lyrics

Cyber Sex Generation Quincaillerie (2022): Thomas and I made this in the spur of the moment one night on call with Trunkl and the creator of Cyber Sex. I was drinking beer and trying to stay quiet. We finished at 4:00 a.m.. Antoine left around 2:00 a.m., but recorded his message the next day. Webpage

Funny Man's Curse (2023): The final piece of C9RG's primary trilogy. We deliberately took a more abstract, messy, and comedic approach. It mostly covers winter 2020-2021. Devil Gang emerges.

Albums by Jackie H.

Tennis Club (2018): Jackson made this album, his first, over the summer of 2018. Fictional melodramatic romance. I wrote and recorded track 3 with him and performed vocals on tracks 4, 9, and 15. Matt also perfomed vocals on track 15. His younger cousin drew the cover art. Listening to it makes me feel like I'm in his basement.

Autumn Walks (2021): First EP, written and recorded in autumn 2021. These songs are some of my first attempts at making music with acoustic guitar and vocals. These autumn songs were all written and recorded very quickly while I was finishing my last university semester, and I distracted myself from my other priorities. -Jackson

Study Park (2022): Jackson's second album, mainly recorded from March 2020 to April 2021 in his bedroom in downtown Ottawa with intermittent additional mixing and recording up to January 2022. Tracks 1-10: Side Night. Tracks 11-18: Side Day. Named after Jackson's visits to the park and the studious nature of the songwriting. Nighttime excursions into concentrated other worlds and daytime striving grounded in monotony. Download the album for the complete liner note booklet.

Albums by Tape Crew

On The Avenue (2023): yojacksonyo and SiloBilo (of Jackson's older brother, Cameron's friend group) team up as Tape Crew to uphold the VHS format against their rivals, the DVD Dudes and Betamax Boys. Suburban kids turn hard during playtime, expulsing street-wise taunts. From comfort of room to commotion of avenue. They also consolidate their friendship along the way. Pop culture references, homages to hip hop classics. Featuring contributions from yodudle, SwaggyHajj, possiblythomas, and babeldude.

Albums by SwaggyHajj

INHANSU (2018): Matthew's debut album, a mixtape EP. He raps over some of his favorite instrumentals. A braggadocious song, a love song, and a sad song: a concise self-portrait. Watch "Video Project 2" to see him around the time of its making.

Baha'u'llah's Plan (2018): Single track. Matthew directs children to the path of Baha'u'llah by way of Drake song parody.

Albums by Kramer, Shoulders

Skrillex Was (2019): Jackson spent a weekend at his brother's place in Montreal where he performed vocals over the musical stylings of Phil. Don't go to Montreal. It's not worth it.