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Theatre — Lyrics


Don't chew gum because there's carpet
The future artists with hopes to harness
An upright piano in the corner, made of wood,
Barely working and out of tune
I remember going to indoor pools as a kid
When we'd come out, the sun would warm us through a wall of windows in the eating area


Running water, spring day shower
Clocked off on the hour
Working peaks bad until it's over
Back pain up to my shoulders
Like kids playing field hockey,
Centered around the middle, positionless
I lay in the river adrift, bag of chips
Molding memories in clay
Feeling better today
Money in my pocket
Smiling at the sunrays blasting off the plastic

Heading to the park inbetween classes
I'm attracted to the masses
Laughing at the squirrels, falling leaves twirl
Album switch-up shirt, end-of-summer skirt

Casting rocks into the pond,
I raise my horizons and see the white swan
It spreads its wings, nature casts its wand
And so dusk brings forth dawn

We meet on separate days
Three cats, leave notes, on path
Missing class for the last time
Saw a guy do a line
Saw a man jerking off on a hill in summertime
That was first day, I had to walk away
Like the girl who passed by shielding her eyes
It made for a funny story

I Can't Be Your Friend Anymore

You went to the movies all alone
From the back, drunken fools and laughs
I don't mind, I've got the standards
Did you bring the proper attire?

I can't be your friend anymore [x4]

Going to the Store

Hardcore broken glass, Tony Hawk skateboard tricks
Flaming guitar licks, I have all the coolest kung fu kicks
Kung Fu Panda is the best, you can't put him to the test

Don't bring us Ruffles 'cause it's Scruffles
Mrs. Puff mumpin' on truffles
Ultimate breaker-uper of kerfuffles
Call me the king of the Puffles

Walking my Puffles, gonna get some Ruffles
Kerfuffle, truffle, scuffle, Puffle, ruffle
Sipping on pop and I'm getting lots of bubbles
Going to the store and not getting Scruffles [x2]

Going to the store, and the cashier mumbles
I tell him, "Try again, or you're gonna get pummeled"
Manager came by, put me in trouble
Locked up in his office, stole his pens
Manager asks, "Where's my pens?"
I said, "It depends on who's asking
If it's the manager, they're in my pocket
If it's the janitor, then put a sock in it
'Cause I don't talk to janitors, they're really mean
One once stole my shaving cream
Back where I used to work, I went berserk
I'd rather die than apologize to the clerk"
He put a gun to my head, with a smirk
I said, "Whatever, here's your pens back, jerk"
He put down his gun, and I kicked him in the head
He dropped down dead, and I took back his pens
I also took his fork 'cause he's a stupid dork
I did a backflip and I screamed really loud
I jumped so high, I landed on a cloud

Going to the store, yeah, I'm going to the store
Going to the store, and I'm getting some more
[Repeat 1 time]

Kung fu kicks, skateboard tricks
Pterodactyl, Aerodactyl are very cool in battle
I ride them on a saddle
To my high school, and I'm really cool
I don't go to school, because I'm cool

Red shiny car, driving really far
Going so fast I can't see my past
I'm really really sad, I failed class, scratch that
I'm actually really really happy, not even sappy
Salt water taffy, feet go tappy

Nobody thinks I'm cool
I guess that's the price of drinking drool

Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX 2
Playing on my dual screens, Max Keeble's Big Move,
Kronk's New Groove
Sixth grade silhouette hung up on my wall
Back then, I wasn't so tall, nothing's changed

Playing plentiful organs, church tunes to dormant Mormons
Ignoring endorsements
Too busy snoring, absorbing chlorine
Affording gasoline in my daydreams

I live with the people in my mind
They understand me, it feels so sublime
Don't expect advances from me or my cool friends
In my tree house in my backyard with my cool friends
They know nothing about you
They only know about me so they think I'm the coolest

Cloudy Morning

Cloudy morning, no one around
I see crows perched in the grey
I have to go outside today

Cloudy morning, wind in my face
Slowly walking in its embrace
Lone witness to my display


When the grey skies opened up
Showers in crooked parallel lines
Smoke towers, factories: clusters of connected metal and concrete
Organized parts, obscuring smog
Hidden forest paths
River of time streaming through me
Settled on a rock looking onwards
I see operations and drifting of the tide

Twin Drill Disruptors

Twin drills in my eyes
Madness is warm in my ears
Hellspires across the dryscape of scraping metal plates
Can't escape from Camp Crystal Lake

Upper lip torn off, flesh and bone exposed
Nasal cavities, two narrow breathing holes
Chattering teeth

Twin drills in my ears

Rain Stains

Rain stains underneath the brick building windows
Playing rich theatre at the casino, you might win though
Closer than you think to the street-dwelling evildoers
Transitway viewers get knocked out by the sewers, potholes
Plotholes in your narrative to avoid getting scared again
Citizens drop dead from sinister acts now and then

Morgues overflowing like toilets
Spoiled it, foiled my plans to avoid debt
Find their weakness and exploit it
Strip the soul apart 'till there's void left

Time spent hunched to analyse the timelapse
From the cock-back of the first punch to the fast dash
Around the corner store, Quickie, last seen
At the end of the crime scene

Woody Allen, might meet a tall dark stranger
Should have had him, but he escaped from danger
The memory is fainter, itinerary plundered
Too much guilt and pressure you're under
To stunt church, shrines burnt, you wonder
If you'll ever get away from the dark thunder

Goth kids couldn't deal with this darkness
Heartless folk don't falter in starkness
No joke, unlike Axel and Roxas
Homeless, got cracked lips, frostbit on Everest
In the abyss, desperate

Break from the bus station, no problem
Late response to the casino, borrow
A dress shirt and a Y chromosome from a bridal shower,
So I will be there in like an hour
Seeing as those are very small parts, maybe that person can also make the bus station tonight

Woke up in a dreamlike state from the rain stains on the pane
No shortcuts in this lifegame to obtain finished products satisfied

Frightening wind storms knocking down dorms,
Leaving kids to forlorn in torn wears, worn
I picked up a worm and threatened to eat it
In front of Anonymous kids showing footage of beat pigs
Dumpster burning by Pleasant Park
All for a lark

Halloween 2017

Don't you think we could do better next year?
I need something supernatural to fear
You got nightmares watching Halloween III
I was certain that you wouldn't be scared

You can talk to me
But you wanna go every which way
Find your way

I've had enough of your attacks on the couch
I'm holding back, but I don't want you to stop
Rainy weather made the kids stay inside
I was certain you had nothing to hide

You can't talk to me
But you wanna go every which way
Find your way


Along the fallen leaves and surrounding morning mist,
As I get up from my sheets and observe the quiet streets,
I think over what to say when I greet you at your door
We follow paths to school, gather views from dying woods
Wind chimes sound out from a house, where the listless diers stay
The gravestones by the church stand silent, hold my hand

You look like you see me
It's all that I know
And I'm ready to go

You don't have to talk, I'll stay quiet if you want
I don't need a thing to stay but to be here by your side
Words I say betray the present moment, the grey skies
When the rain's light hits your eyes, they reflect past my disguise
Looking to the stagnant lake, phantoms rise and intertwine
The fallen trees lie still, hollow, hold my hand

You look like you see me
It's all that I know
And I'm ready to go

Birthday Party Distraction

I've got dust underneath my eyelids,
And I just met Nick Diamonds from the Islands
Yeah, if you wanna watch iCarly,
Well, you're gonna have to come to my birthday party
Although, I can't really watch that show
But you can count on me to get a big pack of Double Stuf Oreos
And we can stay up late
And Alden Penner said he'd make the cake,
So you know it's gonna be great
Come to my party, this: your invitation
You better believe it will rule the nation

My style is taciturn
I might as well be a fern in the corner of the room,
But my teachings are stern
I wouldn't be the best guest on Howard Stern,
But I will return with a third-degree burn
In verse form for all those who have spurned me,
Stealing lyrics from an internet forum spree

Under mind-numbing fluorescent lights
In an awful-smelling basement
Why study in these conditions?
To minimize distraction?
I made a cool beat though,
And this is how it goes

I eat cereal like an animal
Cereal before milk: that's a principle
What's next in the midnight routine?
Maybe I'll partake of the bean
And keep it black out of respect, not for the caffeine

I just wanna go back to the party
I still wanna meet Jamie and maybe a nice lady
When I was a kid it was all charizards and Mars bars
Now, it's prison bars!
Long gone are the days of organizing cards
My life's real hard
On my commute, I got lost in the cars

I crap on a car with a shoe hanging far,
Down to the drain and down to the rain
I am in a stripper club while I lost my brain
And I got a thang for girls who are lame,
But aren't ashamed who I have to blame,
On a game got Frogger leapfrog which will go down my brain
And until that game I will be ashamed of a flame
While that flame is going to fame

You Are a Funeral

You would lie there on the floor
You are a funeral
You would lie there on the floor
You are a funeral
We can stay at home, we can stay at home
We can stay at home,
And we'll never never roam again, oh
You would lie there on the floor
You are a funeral

Remember when we'd lie there
On the hardwood floor and drool?

Power Center

Waiting for you to show on the strip, wandering the mall store to store in a maze of aisles

I found you at the
Fountain at the center
Like a daytime fire in the night
The mall's power center

Found myself on a pavement island
Surrounded by cars like sharks
Sun-worshipers drawn to the screen
I need to sit down by a still picture and think about what it means to me

I've been excluded like this before
There's someone between us, and you're between us
Something about the talkative ones
Where you just gotta get them alone to get them to listen

Long shadow of my head over the table, I'm due for a haircut
I took off my sweater, it was a puzzle to keep my skin from showing

Referring to me as Psychology 1A,
Code for nothing at all
You scare me with your nebulous statements
Determination can be dangerous

Additional Forum Freestyle Thievery

Rap battle: Jackson versus Jacob, 2019

This is pretty girl swag
No need to lag
Throw your lines in a bag
Call me in my phone
You know you wanna be me, but don't clone
I want some ice cream with a cone
You want some money, I don't loan

I picked up a quarter and put it in my pants
I turned around the corner, caught you peeing in my pants
Man, you think you're cool 'cause it's 2013,
So I made ice tea
I be smelling good, carry soap on my knees
Y'all smell like cheese, queso stinkin' in the breeze
Like you just ate a whole can of beans,
Wearin' those old dirty jeans

I can almost speak fluent English
I'm like a fire you can't extinguish
Bitch, I'll cut your life span
Like people in Japan
'Till you look like a garbageman
I may be a caveman,
But that ain't gonna change me from who I am

The River

The teenage lifestyle was denied to me
And I'm feeling fine now, but I've got no seat
And when you try too hard to come back,
I wonder if you are what you say
Or if you are just hanging around

I still can't make out your face in the tiles [x8]

Everyone came down tonight to apologize
I couldn't set the river below
And so, I went, and I said I wasn't there
But I know what I was doing, oh


The world is a big computer

Bending over backwards
Yeah, just to get my back fixed
I just took an Advil
Now I got a tummy ache

I'll be going to see the bulls fight
I'll be going to see the sun rise
I bought my ticket for the train ride
I packed my bags, I'll be leaving tonight

I need to get away and see some better days
I need to get away, break away from the headache pain

Woke up wanting to go to the thrift store,
Bike around and explore
These days, I don't draw anymore
I just eat dates and pretzels

Discouraged as hell
I hate myself
And I have a fucking headache

Can't wait until this summer
Get away from all these numbers
Learn about life in Spain
Dance away all the days

My back is bent again,
And I need to find a friend
Putting plants in the garden
Forgot to take my vitamin
Went for a run this mornin'
It wasn't the same, I felt so much pain
My ankles were locked and I didn't know how to make it stop
My ankles are locked and I don't know how to make it stop

I need to go where the sun also rises
Because that's where all of the bull fights is

Why's the world run by numbers?
Sometimes my teacher hits me with a stumper
I can't help but thank her,
But it can be a bummer when I see them in a slumber
The world is a big computer

I Always Face Death in the Wintertime

I'm late for class
Sludgetrudging uphill
Clear snot running down
I'm sick of this town
My shoes sink and slosh
About to the park
My feet soaked in snow
There's nowhere to go

This place is hell
I try to walk on by
They pull me right back in
I try...

I always face death in the wintertime [x2]
I'll be fine, I always face death in the wintertime

Police cars are parked
I heard someone scream
There's nowhere to sit
I guess I'll turn back

My face is numb
I'm stunted without sun
You never come around
I'm bored

I always face death in the wintertime [x2]
I'll be fine, I always face death in the wintertime

Sitting at the upper floor again,
Making fun of what you wrote in my journal
You can't stand me when I'm sad,
Which makes me sad

I keep trying to get closer,
But you're busy studying and working
You respond to my messages with broken sentences

I can't help but think
That you don't try

I always face death in the wintertime [x2]
I'll be fine, I always face death in the wintertime

Second-Level Tower Jump

Last night, I was at a party
She was dancing with celebrities
I was dancing errantly
Still, it was pleasant
I met a new friend
I hope they understood
I woke up to a strange stomach, I ate too much banana bread
It was early, so I crawled back into bed

I used to be good at living, it used to come so easily
But now I've woken up and I'm processing my dreams and eating processed foods,
And I'm wondering what I could ever do to make the transition bearable, somewhat tolerable
I'll tune into Satan, see what the channels are offering
I'm running out of tapes again, I'll have to go outside, great
Maybe I should make prank calls today, it might lighten my mood
I hear it used to be common among kids back in the days

We can't help you
Find a place to lay

Should you sever the tether
Or get lost in your thoughts forever?
Jumping from the second tower, I had twice before
However many feet above the water
They wouldn't let anyone go up to the third
Ever since someone split their guts open on the unsuspecting
Or so I've heard, or so I've heard

Dog Christmas

Rolling in the snow with my boys now [x6]

Multicoloured balloons and blue skies
Released in the sky for the world's eye
Dancing, tangling, dancing and tangling
The dead dog's eye frightens the children
Rolling in the snow with my boys now [x3]

Twenty dollars inside my pocket
Gonna buy them plenty of candy,
Their own ballons that dance and tangle
Stylish short-haired girls with keyboard ears
Mountains and erupting volcanoes
Feet with pink to orange nail polish
Rolling in the snow with my boys now [x2]


Sheer superstition cloaking fact
Needing everything to be exact
Every night in the cul-de-sac
Holdin' back, cut some slack
It's ambition that I lack
I'm a Slifer Slacker
Too many current events to keep track of
Sold the internet to buy my bike back
Ditto devices attacking all senses

Running around catching shiny salamences
Got chai tea, little finances
Unspecific circumstances
I talk to strangers, take chances
Forum threads, old threats

Starting to regret this camping trip
I need to take a piss, but mosquitoes keep flying around my dick
I tripped and slipped up at the skinny dip
I sat by as the others exchanged spit,
Looking for chapstick for my licked lips

Staring up at the ceiling at the lodge
Scared to piss the bed, so I'm on night watch
I woke up too late for the morning shower
All I have to look forward to is soup at lunch hour
To think I was excited, now I wanna go home, but I hate it there too

I'm paranoid walking the city streets
A homeless man screamed at me,
"Fuck you, welcome to the neighbourhood!"
Since I don't smoke, supposedly I'm healthy
My friends make fun of me 'cause my feet scrape concrete
They say I think everything's a conspiracy
I just don't believe the news on TV
Fuck rich kids and fuck their rich families

I could care less about your high salaries
Donating to charities for your tax receipts
I stand by the sidelines accumulating fines
Yet dine fine with boxed wine without ruining a life but mine
Don Simon in my palm, stylin'
I commit mad crimes online pirating films in my spare time

I haven't brushed my teeth
I spilled hot tea in my hair, I don't care
Tell your kids to listen to me
Eat lots of sand, that stuff's free
When you're looking for food, look at your shoes
The grass tastes good, not as much as wood
Give a quarter to a squirrel
He'll give you an acorn, it's better than canned corn
Banks are fake, and money's a lie,
So put a branch in a mutual fund
My laptop's blaring all the shit I don't like
Now I'm on fire

Worthless Plot

I'll never fall in love with someone like you
I used to go to high school feeling so blue

But I never listened to punk music
Never listened to punk music

Well, that's not entirely true...

I was feeling distressed so I browsed teen fiction
I heard someone say don't go there, you'll catch something

But I never listened to pop music
Never listened to pop music

Well, that's not entirely true,
'Cause last night I dreamt about you
You were all at the grocery store,
And I came in confessing hatred
I had drank a half can of beer
It was all because you were there
The insulting and the agitation
All just a worthless plot of seduction

Endymion (Wood-Panelled Basement with Carpeted Floor)

I can't go home tonight, would you mind if I stayed the night? [x2]
I don't wanna go [x2]

Write a thousand-page novel, write a thousand-page novel
Of my life, of my life
Watch the critics go by, watch the critics walk by
What a pointless life, what a pointless life

I don't wanna go [x2]

In your wood-panelled room,
I could sense impending doom
Coulda slept eternally
Something made you wanna leave
Could you pass me a drink?
My heart sank
Take a chance, take my hand

When I woke up, I heard a knock on the door
Felt it was you
Was somebody else,
Nobody I recognized

Dangerous Station

She don't mind tryna give the rest some time
I'm alright, I don't ever really bother now
She don't mind falling for the system's rise
I'm alright, I don't really think about it now, alright

Oh, oh, oh
She don't mind waiting at a dangerous station
I'll be fine waiting at a dangerous station

Stand in line for definite amounts of time
Standing by, talking to the strangers passing by
I don't mind tracing steps from behind
Looking high at the cubic room atop the roof at night

She don't mind, I'll be fine, I'll get mine too
It's not the world that I went through

Cybernetic Delving into Digiworld

One, two, three, four
Welcome to our world
Digital insanity
Thinking in binary

My brother's moving out to the big city
Now I've got the basement, but it's getting lonely
Passing too fast, light posts glitching out
Blaring art pop too loud with our windows down
Dishwashing job stopped scheduling me
Fuck if I care, I get money elsewhere
Mom won't let me grow out my hair
Says I'd get stares, scared to appear poor,
But what for? I don't mind sleeping on the carpeted floor

Maybe I should move to Montreal too,
Hang out with the art school kids,
Buy a skateboard, do flips,
Dye my hair some bright shade of pink

But then again, I never really liked them
Caught between two styles or on the outside
Fuck if I know, I just live in the while

I see people talking automatically,
Dividing new steps to hierarchy
Cybernetic delving in the hypergrid
City sound clusters beep-boop morbid
Multilayered machine drones
Can't hear shit from my earphones
Grainy security obscurity camera
Following systems like following dharma
Digital simulations of manic melodrama

How can I know if anyone's real?
They act like it's no big deal
Still, I'll keep exploring the internet
Until I run out of things I haven't seen yet
Carelessly drinking energy drinks
Phreaking club hitting you up
Autogenerated datastorm
I've got like 30 windows open
Sun Solaris GUI
In a computer world, it's do or die
Gotta be careful to whom you confide
Sending out cyberattacks worldwide

The world is a big computer
Digital simulations of manic melodrama


The study, geography
Nobody cares about the earth [x2]


Who's your friend if not me, okay?
You think John's your friend?
John's not your friend
John beats you up
Okay? People who beat you up aren't your friends, okay?
You think Matt's your friend?
Matt beats you up, okay? Matt's not your friend
You think John—John B.—is your friend?
John B. isn't your friend, okay? John B. beats you up

Freaks on parade [x3]
I don't expect you to understand
When I parade, I don't need to take a stand
Going around it, going around the block
Parading my faults and my thoughts
Faults and my thoughts

Who's your friend if not me?
Okay? People who beat you up aren't your friends

I don't expect you to understand
When I parade, I don't need to take a stand
Going around, going around the block
Sharing my faults and my thoughts
Faults and my thoughts
Freaks on parade [x4]

Want some cereal?
What is that?
It's homemade c—

Theatre 1

Light and darkness, love and hate
Acts, as they cycle forever
Manipulate common desire
Your cold cirrostratus halo

Is it to be or not to be?
To spend a night at the movies
And so solemnly they pass

Well, I know that it's wrong, yeah, I know that it's wrong
It's the same old theatre song

The garden of eternity
Unyielding statued decorum
The ancients called us to the sky
To grow flower from landfill

Sometimes I think I'm playing dumb
When I keep spiralling downwards
Drawing my star sword for your love

Well, I know that it's wrong, yeah, I know that it's wrong
Just a feeling...

And I know it's appealing
To look on, past the ceiling
Their processional mourning
When they pass without warning
And wake up the next morning
To be filled with a longing
And a pain unforgiving
You perform on this empty stage just like the rest of us
And I know...
And I know, and I know

Well, I know that's it's wrong, yeah, I know that's it's wrong
It's the same old theatre song

Water Circuit

Seagulls perched on helicopter street lights
Electric buzz migraine
Excess sensory information
A red helicopter hovered by
They flew together away
It got caught in the blades
Strip mall surveillance cameras
Satellites [Antennas] like contorted fingers
The static buzz of black wires and bugs
That was my serendipitous trip to the store in daytime suburbia

The skeleton rack in my shower
Ceiling fans, uniform high-rises
Frustrating feeling of ineffective meticulous finger joint movements: minuscule objects

You have to keep water within you
The ocean womb
At the bottom of the pool
Is a portal to my youth

I'm getting water signs today

Crow perched on minivan by roadkill squirrel with entrails trailing out; it waits
Beach volleyball slowly drifting circling in the fountainhead waterplate

Impure water conducts electricity

Small rounded tiles and a drain in the middle
Past piles of entangled desks and chairs
Like an abandoned cathedral with spikes that impale

The Fog Dissipated

I grew up backwards in the suburbs
Too many all-nighters during late adolescence
Making deadlines for meaningless works
Drinking in my room alone, dancing and crying, is
A lot more comfortable than at the city park on a cold winter night
Though I was with you
I was scared I'd get frostbite, but you hardly seemed to mind
I'm constantly embarrassed, but each moment is a memory
Staying up until the sun rises, you have to wait and see
We were sitting on a park bench, sharing our bodies' warmth,
Sharing from the dark depths as fog was slowly engulfing us
I wished it would take me completely
But after saying everything, we became lighthearted
And soon after, it dissipated

I see girls...

When I see you looking again
I see you there

I see girls in my dreams
I see girls on the streets
I see girls regularly
Dancing in the dark [x4]
Passing by, passing by, passing by
In the freezing cold, at sunrise
Sunrise, sunrise

Red Colony Spring Mourning

Breakfast table, bright music, coffee
OC Transpo bus stations bulbous red colonies
Arms, extended apparatus, I reached my arm around his neck and shoulders
Fresh spring sun weather air schooltime
Ran to the stop down the street, out of breath, fun
Talking coollike in the fresh air by people
She sees me; I like that

Festival for youth pointless and nice to be near around
Circle, middleground, to and back
Slowly became grey, unfortunately
Protective oxide layer

This night, I mourned in my sleep
In the morning, I'd forgotten
Overcast grey
The stage is set, dramatic

Glory Days

They die worthless and alone in a mind's dark depths
Spinning out of their control, unsure of what they wanted
And a life spent will always be worthwhile in our eyes,
But they don't know that

Bring down those unworthy of the altar
Hold my hand through hardship less I falter
In the end, the plan is set
I'll do the best I can
I'll do my best living according to a self

Much to the touch, and I wanted to say
That I never really gave you a chance
Though the thought of it now evokes painful regret,
I'm happy I could be of help

Put your glory days behind [x4]

And as I walk the campus grounds
Looking up at structures I could never have built
Towering over me in the night sky
They go on, usurping us