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Words of Johnny

09/05/2020 on SwaggyHajj Discord
 matt dont get me wrong, i acctually never admitted my position on the "babyness scale" but thats all intentional, because in fact, you never asked me, in fact, the "babyness" is all in your head, you think being a baby lover makes you bad, i infact never had an intentional negative connotation to babies, i never once mentioned that loving babies was bad, this all comes back to my psychoanalysis of your brain, and that your soul cant stand the fact that you are a babyness person even though you cant escape from yourself, so you bette tell your soul o smarten up, because loving babies is a fine thing to do. dont be ashamed of yourself for loving babi stuff matthew, i know you can prevail on the endless battle you have against your soul

06/06/2020 on SwaggyHajj Discord
 i did active but i didnt fight anyone yet
 i got caught up at the soda drinking booth. couldn't win to impress the girl...
 i'm literally gonna try again today. it's objective number 1
 i got so close. like 7 and a half. it's so hard with a keyboard
 i named my the girl bitch
 i named her Sunny : (
 oh wait that one i named Naomi
 and of course I named myself Jacob
 imagine not calling yourself johny
 i was trying to impress Sunny though
 who's sunny
 2nd girl you meet
 u'll see soon enough
 im trying to save this but its taking forever
 gotta admit that was like a 9/10 joke btw
 what joke
 pinned message... just ignore it
 its no joke
 i always call myself johnny
 cause there's only five spaces
 5 characters

02/07/2020 on SwaggyHajj Discord
 reilly cancelled
 as per
 as per can suck my peen
 worst two words in the english dictionary
 L bro
 reilly bodied in the mud
 matt you smell
 hahaha bodied
 get yanked son
 sorry lmao hold this ... L
 matt done
 he makes a good point matt
 he's dead
 can't recover
 i hate my life man
 i can never win
 its alright son, some people are born winners, others are born losers
 its a lesson my old man timmy toms taught me when i was younger
 i won a game of tic tac toe and asked him: "why did i win that?" he told me "some people are born to win, johnny youre a born winner"
 then he said that guy swaggy hajj is a born loser and smells
 lesson learned
 and i mean who's got the toji avatar

07/07/2020 on SwaggyHajj Discord
 you look like the happiest guy ever
 actually yeah
 i should post some depressing ones
 where im crying
 and i have blood all over me
 because i was shot in a war
 in which my wife and family died
 it will show the corpses of my dead family in the background
 there's also a secret theory in my instagram
 i can tell you about it might break your mind
 i wanna know the theory
 tell me
 you know how I always have my thumb up in my pictures?
 yes reilly
 people are saying that the thumbs up is me actually alive and saying im happy on the outside but on the inside im super sad so they think the thumbs up is a sign that im depressed and need help such as suicide prevention help because im trying to convince the people that im happy with the thumbs up. since i havent posted in 2 years people think im actually dead because i killed myself because no more thumbs up photos on the gram
 nice theory
 source of theory?
 sounds like phony speculation to me, gossip
 he's a big theorist and fan of the reilly the dude mccann instagram page.
 i follow his blog

20/07/2020 on SwaggyHajj Discord after a match of Smash against Thomas
 youre garbage thomas go home with youre little bitch boy penis and go jerk off in your room full of stuffed animals and little choo choo trains, it aint your time kid

24/07/2020 on SwaggyHajj Discord
 who's reilly
 name's johnny
 some call me johnny johns
 Like your grandpa?
 How is he?
 grandpa bill? he calls me jimmy
 he's got memory problems doesnt remember my name well
 Jimmy James
Grinchon Suprème:
 Jimothy Jamesuard?
Grinchon Suprème:
 Aired g
 frederick bonsoirée

10/10/2020 12tacos12 bio on
 Johnny Johnson here. People call me johnny. My gramps calls me jimmy because he's old and crazy. If I do anything to upset him, he hits me with his cane. it hurts a lot. I don't tell people I watch anime. If my grandpa ever finds out that i watch Japanese cartoons with cute high-school girls he's going to take his shot gun out and shoot me dead. I don't want that to happen. Please don't tell him I watch anime.
 10/10: Masterpiece
 9/10: Fucking great
 8/10: Great
 7/10: good but has downfalls
 6/10: it's fine
 5/10: the threshold between a good show and a bad show, just barely not bad. But not enjoyable either.
 4/10: a bad show, but has a few things that makes it less bad
 3/10: Either really boring or really bad
 2/10: I'd rather eat ass
 1/10: the worst shows, their existence hurts my soul

26/01/2021 on SwaggyHajj Discord
 Imagine interrupting Jacob
centered image
 i just wanted my thoughts to be addressed
 Ok well I'll address ur thoughts
 One sec
 I'm getting a phone call
 It's from mr bonsoirer
 He has something to say about your trout
centered image
 Oh shit mr bonsoirer!
 lol whered this come from
 he looks very interesting
 Woah My bonsoier
 I could beat him up
 Looks like mr bonsoirer agrees with ur thought, he laughed

Feb 21st 2021 12tacos12 reviews on
 Mai-HiME: characters are all poopypants. there's one girl whose hair is orange. she sucks. there's another girl with black hair. she's bad too. the worst of them is the purple-haired girl. i like the red haired girl. the blonde-haired girl is hot, but not sexually. the plot is good, but its not very good. I like the opening song, but it plays after every episode so it got old after a while. This one time the girl pooped in her pants and I thought it was funny. wait maybe it was me who was pooping my pants while watching the show. I don't remember. overall this anime gets a 5 out of 10.
 Cardcaptor Sakura: This show is very good. I like sakura, she is cute. but not in a sexual way. i also like her friend. lingming or whatever chinaman this guy is from. He's also cute. later on there is a romance aspect to the show. I like that part. The plot of the show isn't interesting. Its just a bunch of kids going to school and occasionally fighting a sakura card. there's these cards and they come to life. the show is a lot like yugio. my main problem with this show is that you always know sakura is going to win in her fights. she fights a card every episode and wins every time. It can get stale. the show is also very stupid. In real life, a card wouldn't turn into a monster. that doesn't make any sense. Overall I give this show an 8 out of 10.
 Urusei Yatsura: This show is good. Ataru is a character who likes women. I also like women. Therefore I like ataru. Ataru also gets a hot girlfriend. He actually has 2 girlfriends. which makes for the main conflict of the series. The problem with this show is that ataru leans towards the alien girl and prefers her over the earth girl. this doesn't make sense to me. according to darwin, we are attracted to the other sex from our own species, but Ataru chooses the alien girl. Why would you go for an alien when you already have a girlfriend at home? overall I give this anime a 6 out of 10.

Feb 22nd 2021 12tacos12 recommendation on
 If you liked Cardcaptor Sakura ...then you might like Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: Fuuin Sareta Card: Its the sequal movie so obviously you should watch it. Its not as good as the show but still has the great style. The drama between the kid and the girl was cute.

Feb 24th 2021 12tacos12 recommendation on
 If you liked Haibane Renmei ...then you might like Simoun: cast of only girls (no guys). girls feel like real characters (not stupid anime waifu). There is heavy melodrama and each series is slow in pacing. there is no doubt in my mind you will enjoy Simon if you liked the characters of Haibane Renmei. Personally, my favorite character is the blonde-haired girl but there are also many other waifu material girls in Simon. The only big difference in this show is that Haibane Renmei looks like it belongs in an art museum whereas Simon looks like a piece of poop (not the good kind).

18/10/2021 on SwaggyHajj Discord
 Just watched the vid - I didn't like it lol
 He also didn't make astral projection seem interesting- I felt more scared at the concept
 But isnt scary interesting?
 Why would I want to scare myself
 My wise uncle timmy toms once said: face ur fears or they will consume you
 He seems pretty wise