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Members of Cloud Nine Revolutionary Group: Current meta-ego edition | original additional descriptions to be associated with the Cloud Nine Revolutionary Group self-titled album


Exodia (2018): I compiled a few dreams I had around the time into a short story, a real-life creepypasta about the Yu-Gi-Oh! monster as a symbolic representation of a mysterious unstoppable force. I made minor edits to it in 2020.

Collaborative Text Collections

Dream Archive (2017-2021): dream experience cultivation. Most of these originate from the log; starting from 1 June 2020, we began sharing our dreams with each other in our groupchat. Text from the original posts is often altered, and some was added during compilation, like notes and the titles. Reilly included many dreams from his own documents, dating from before and after we started the log. To be continously updated. Jackson | Matthew | William | Reilly | Antoine | Thomas | Emmanuel | Nelson
Words of Johnny (2020-2021): A collection of writings by Reilly in his Johnny style pulled from chat logs and anime reviews.

Texts by William

Philo Rant (2020): This is a collection of rants and philosophical ideas I have written down for the past 3 years. It delves into my individual life experiences and how they have affected me. Once a silly project, this has come to fruition to become my first synthesis of who I am. -William
Is Attractiveness a Trait of Being a Better Person? (2020): This short essay was made in response to Jacob jokingly saying that attractive people are better human beings. In response to that, I said that if he wanted to talk seriously I would write a small thesis on that point. This is the result of me taking a dumb idea to the logical extreme. Clearly I tend to play a bit too much into my serious persona but it was fun to write and discuss it! -William

Texts by Emmanuel

Sword and Sorcery Movie Reviews (2023): My attempt at watching and reviewing all sword and sorcery films ever made, as listed on Wikipedia. This is a personal project I started in the new year as a sort of love-letter to the sword and sorcery genre. I've been a fan of fantasy media ever since my childhood and I hope to deepen both my understanding and appreciation of the genre through this. New reviews will be added as I move through the decades.
C9RG Primary Trilogy Review (2023): Following the realease of Funny Man's Curse, Eman reviewed Cloud Nine Revolutionary Group's primary trilogy of albums. He detailed our progressive descent into madness. Through two haikus, he also tied the link between it and the prison of academia, as I was also undergoing it during my work on it. Upon the reveal of "the art to go with the text", he wrote, "I feel like this sometimes." Twelve days later, he posted, "I wish I hadn't drawn this. It looks more and more like a mirror."


Daytime Moon (2018)
Theatre (2019)
Cloud Nine Revolutionary Group (2021)
Y2K Expansion (2021)
Funny Man's Curse (2023)