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Y2K Expansion — Lyrics

Digital Girls

Digimon, Digimon, digital world
Got digital girls, got digital girls

Digimon, Digimon, digital world
Got digital girls, got digital girls
Supersonic, I'm blue
Rollin' around the roof
Yeah, I just took two [x2]
Pokémon, Pokémon, lookin' like jewels
I'm playing the fools
Don't care about noodles [x2]
Supersonic, I'm blue
Ridin' around the roof
Yeah, I just took two [x2]

Swervin' fast, do donuts
And I got corona
And I'm drinkin' Corona
And I just did donuts
Swerve up, I pull donuts
Yeah, I'm frying some doughnuts
Come and grab a doughnut
Doughnut, go nuts
You know that I say what, say what

Live it up and drink 7 Up and do donuts
That's what's up, that's what's up
Just live it up, drink 7 Up, and do donuts
That's what's up, yeah, that's what's up
Live it up and drink 7 Up and do donuts, yeah, yeah

Garden Adventures

Wearing a mask, Frog Alien Boy
Through the window of the convenience store
Supersucker motherfucker,
It's yellow and pink
Having a garden adventure
And I need a drink
It's funner than you think
Plato always had to blow his nose
Socrates always had to sneeze
So be like me and just act, don't think
Do as you please, just act, don't think

Swimming by the transmission tower field
Burning under the sun in lawn chairs
Arcing horns floating in midair
My lucky day Frog Alien Boy visited me on his bike with his bubble tube contraption
I took a hit of it and he went googley-eyed
We were living in denial, now we live in style
Fashion is a sham, posing for the cam

Yeah, we're two street cats, meow meow meow
Oh, you're a tough dog? Man, have a cow
We go out and get back, I don't know how
On long walks, smoking grape gas, it's foul

Two cats on a park path ghoulin'
Looking at the stars on a hilltop foolin'
Kissy kissy with the chickies like Chulip
Take a sip of the sludge, now we're coolin'

Sitting on a trunk, the thinking man stoned
Gymnasts in the spring jumping
Zappy musical tapestry
Entered a mission, into the danger zone
Shame on my face, projected from passerby
Freak-like experience, distorted mutant eyes

Tell me a story to concentrate
Bought a shawarma, I can't even masticate
Sippin' on Gatorade, gotta rehydrate
Spooky cartoon graffiti on a tree
We fell so quiet we summoned a tumbleweed

Plane flying low
Hide in the grove
Time running slow

Hide in the grove
Time running slow
[Repeat 2 times]

Hide in the grove
Time running slow
Hide in the grove
Time running slow
Hide in the grove
Time running slow
Hide in the grove
Time running slow [x4]

Cereal Aisle

Little Thomas at his grandma's
In the morning eating Cap Crunch
In the summer with his cousins
His parents working late hours

Équipe technique, setting up stage
Looking up big numbers on the computer
Sextillion and googolplex
Flex, the beat's complex
Listening to my red and grey Y2K boombox in the shower

Living in the city (Hear it ring)
Grey city, on a mission (You can call me on my cell phone)
I'm gliding, yeah, I'm drifting (All these stupid kids need to get a grip)
This is an expedition (We did it for the style)

Walk in the cereal aisle like Tokyo
Riding the shopping carts like rodeo
Young William distributing coquelicots
Depending on my mood, it only really goes to show

Crisis system
I wanted to be different

If we're talking cereal, let's get serious, real
All Bran good but on the globe most boring
Cinnamon Toast Crunch what I eat in the morning
Lost in the store tryna find some chips,
Downtown grey city on a trip
Back to phase 2, crowded lineup, so close we could kiss
The customers looking listless
Sitting waiting outside, my friends said I looked homeless

I'm the connoisseur, tour guide of the aisle
If we're talking cereal, then I need it Just Right
As a kid, I went goinfre for the taste
Now I'm lifting weights, my sweat drips like rain


Go for a dip, ah
Off of a cliff, ah
I do a flip, ah
Look at it swirl, ah
Go for a whirl, ah
Go for a dip, ah
Off of a cliff, ah
I do a flip, ah

Spiral down the toilet
My cat tail, I coil it
And my toilet's porcelain
Down the portal, I'm coursin'

My nana hands me coins to toss into the fountain
We're at the National Arts Centre and finished a ballet
They splash in the stream as the water cascades
I think I'm 7 years old, and I'm mesmerized by the swirls

Splish splash, splish splash, dancing in the fountain
Coins raining down while I'm dancing in the fountain

Go for a dip, ah
Off of a cliff, ah
I do a flip, ah
Look at it swirl, ah
Go for a whirl, ah
Go for a dip, ah
Off of a cliff, ah
I do a flip, ah

wipE′out″ Freestyle / Vampire Castles

This a flow state
I'm on MS Paint drawing dictionaries

Flux in a wire
Flow state
Erase your save state
Tony Hawk's Underground 2, I don't play Skate
If you get mad, I will placate
Though I can't relate
Always chillin' with my boys

Enter the flux
This is SwaggyHajj redux
Made fun of Jacob for listening to Royal Trux

Matt rhymes with wack
He wears flip-flops
In my spaceship, call me Cowboy Clip-Clop
Blasting bops

I ride on my spaceship
Doing lots of tricks, yeah
All my friends, they are wearing super cool clothes

Ride a hoverboard
Erase my credit score
System shock, DualShock
PS1 wipE′out″
In the wormhole
Out of control

Everything's different in the future where I'm from
All my friends, they only chew on forever-ever gum

I eat pancakes
With microchips
Full of intelligence
'Cause I'm really really smart
You look like Paul Blart
I don't even know if you have a cart

I'm a robot doing dumb shit
Go to grocery store and steal everything
I'm a robot with a shopping cart
On the internet, I do dumb shit

Chess moves like spasms
All my friends, they're like, "Yo, what's happenin'?"
I'm like, "I'm Jackson"

Everybody go crazy

Summon the Hajjman
Jacob and Jackson
I'm brown like Aladdin
I'm dating Jasmine
Swag, I have it
Attract you like a magnet
I am hungry, but I don't eat cabbage
Don't eat vegetables,
But I like to eat pepperoni on my pizza

Driving out in a blizzard
Magic man, call me wizard
So I need me a witch
So we can watch Lilo & Stitch
Going out to get a Blizzard, Dairy Queen
Looking so nice, looking so clean
Driving zigzag, meanwhile while you lag
If you have a badge, I will do dommage

Zip zap, paddywhack, give a dog a bone
I just came back and put you in my zone
You use a phone, I don't do that
You look like Zubat
Pokémon Go away!

Yeah, I'm with Reilly at the vampire castles, vampire castles, vampire castles [x2]
Bats swooping down at the vampire castles, vampire castles, vampire castles
Please don't bother us 'cause it's really a hassle, really a hassle, it's really a hassle

Concrete upward swooped spike
Grey and green like money
Cars like mechanical beasts pass by us loudly
Are they messing with me?
On the dark streets
Heard a horrifying scream at the beach
Bats following me
Staring at the moon,
A cloaked figure appeared and prayed to a tree
Reilly insisted they were a ghost
Is he messing with me?

Peaceful in a Snow Globe

Hawkins cheesy dust on my red Tim's cup
Interact machine's a bust
But the caffeine got me fucked up
Navigating coastal roads
Feels like I'm in Ponyo
Seeing harboured seals through the fog when the tides low
New town every ten minutes
And all the houses kiss the ocean's edge
Early night in a different region
And I'm using my car as a bed

Off the spray like a beach, but we hit the streets
I'm with Jackson in the backseat
In a snow globe, peaceful, on a dark road
Lose my senses drowning in my blue sheets
Driving through an endless hallway in a cathedral
Through tall doors covered in symbols
Like a ladder or a stairway (peace sign), is that what he'd say? (star sign)
I feel strange these days

From Woodroffe to Moody
Driving these kids tough, got me moody
That's what you get from the O-Town
Call it 7 'cause the 6ix has been down
Way bigger than Toronto 'cause they done now
Speed towards the red, yeah, that's Hajj though
Like a bull, when I see it, man, I get mad
Why you clowning me right now? I ain't that bad

Bro, okay, relax, I'll slow down, my bad, right?
You know me, right? I just like driving fast
I talk fast, I do things, a lot of things real quickly
So you would think that it would translate to driving a car quickly, right?
Like, I'm not just gonna slow down in the car, right?
Like, yeah, I wanna be safe when I'm drivin', this and that,
But, like, sometimes I just gotta
I just gotta hit the gas
Like, I'm not in a rush necessarily,
But I just, like, go quick, man
I'm a quick guy
Haha! Quick, quick!

Blue Drop

Crystal palaces, multicoloured shards
Blue Drop poster in the sidebar
I'll be going home, send my regards
Gotta remember not to go too far
Too much Fruity Loops, I wanna play guitar
My last schoolyear, what a dreadful start
Last fall, there were wasps in the park
Maybe this year I'll make new friends in my yard

Colour code eye-deas
Blinding lights
Dots and rays
I think it's fine
Vacant bus road
In front of my high school
Join the suicide

I was spending nights in Times Square
Twenty-four hour stream on air
Looking at the signage, I got scared
What a dreadful sight, I just stared

Last level rest area, no reward
What to do now, I'm getting bored
Jump across the room, it makes me float
Empty elementary school ghost looking out

Things always add up and come back
A lot of responsibility on our backs
Show's myopic view, I can't see it all
Things seemed normal, but we were wrong
I had the hiccups, I kept sinking shots
Magic sometimes happens and then it's gone
I can't create without love
I wanna write a song, yeah, it's been too long

Puddled water bodies at edge from the blue night rapids
In the small tree landscapes, fallen trunk bench
Heart in stone
Symmetric parallel overpasses conjoining in the distance
Triangle shadow
Blue Drop poster in the sidebar
Final year, chaos Ansem in the hall


Carve a heart in stone,
Holes in a leaf
Ocean wave overhead

Where did it begin?
I can't be straightforward
Oh man, there's no respect
Don't expect
We're in the clouds
Rocking out

Balling at the college, I contemplate my options
Dribbling like Stockton, I'm definitely locked in
Nobody on my team when these members challenge me
But if I don't take a chance, then how else will I advance?
Gotta cross you up under every circumstance
Gave these chumps the action, but they were just a distraction
Arm-wrestling, broke Thomas' elbow, put him on ketamine
Made him a guest on Ellen, but she wasn't on TV
They clowning me when they cloning me, that's a fallacy
I got the owl on me
Don't do drugs because I'm way too clean
High in the clouds

Empty hallway, shadows crawling
Worlds that never were
The City at the End of Things
Reach for her hand, she fades away
Unlock the door
Don't be afraid
Your whole existence is at stake

Carve a heart in stone,
Holes in a leaf
Ocean wave overhead

Carve a heart in stone,
Holes in a leaf
Ocean wave parasol
Just a part
What could have been
It won't stop expanding
So I'm going hard
Following my heart
It's just a start